in progress


one-armed Manos

Just needs the other sleeve sewn in. And the ends. And buttons. And a good blocking.



About 700 yards of fingering weight merino/silk. Off the wheel, technically! But it’s the first completed yarn I’ve made in months.


small veggie bed

A mini bed in front of my back deck. I’m not doing the allotment garden this year (too big, too much work by myself, not sure if I’ll be around all summer) but I am trying to get my crops in among my parents’ plants! This area was pretty sad, a few raspberry offshoots (scraggly ones) and not much else. So I dug up the plants (very tough) and planted about four feet of shelling peas in double rows and four feet of “mammoth melting” snow peas against the deck. Then in front of them I planted green onions, coriander (cilantro) and chives. I need some kind of border stones or something…

tomato seedlings

Tomatoes, of course – I’m rather behind this year but I think I’m ok. Varieties: Purple Calabash, Eva Purple Ball, White Queen (they’re white!), Tigerella, Matt’s Wild Cherry.


oh yeah

Buffy Season 8, Volume 1. Oh yeah.



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13 responses to “in progress”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I love the color of the yarn you’re using for that sweater. It’s just delicious! Can’t wait to see it all blocked up and finished! Great job.

  2. mai Avatar

    dude, there’s a buffy book?! the sweater is looking great!

  3. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Love the handspun – all the colours, yet somehow neutral? Fabulous!

    Jealous of your gardening skills too. If I could find a way to raccoon-proof my back deck I’d be planting tomatoes like nobody’s business!

  4. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    I planted one Matt’s Wild Cherry a few years ago. It grew almost to the top of my two-story roof and produced thousands of tomatoes for months. The following year, its seedlings appeared in almost every yard on my block, many of which were allowed to grow and also produced thousands of tomatoes. Every year, more seedlings pop up everywhere. People find tomatoes hiding among their roses and sprouting up between the bricks in their front walks. It’s amazing.

  5. Keatyn Avatar

    I love the color of that handspun fingering weight it is beautiful.

  6. LizKnits Avatar

    Loving the color of that sweater … it’s a great complement to the garden. It’s going to be fun to see that grow as well!

  7. Carolyn Avatar

    I love your sweater!

    And please, do give us a review of the Buffy Season 8. I’ve been wondering about it.

  8. Rachel Avatar

    Enjoy the Buffy – I read it serially as it was coming out and got a big kick out of it!

  9. Hannahbelle Avatar

    Hmm, white tomatoes? That sounds interesting. I bet they’d look lovely with a sprinkling of pepper. Are they really white, and do they taste the same? Off to check google…

  10. Val Avatar

    What a guilty pleasure Buffy was!
    Anyhoo, the cardi looks great, perfect springy colour! Gorgeous yarn, watcha gonna do with it?
    And yay for gardening! So sad it’s too late to start from seed for some of my fave varieties of veggies. Thank goodness for the Ontario Seed Company down the street! As long as there is something to eat by September :)

  11. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love your handspun! It is just such a wonderful blend of colors!

  12. Elizabeth Avatar

    Have you tried “square foot” gardening. If not, look it up. I used it for several years when we were living in Washington, DC (now we’re back in Ottawa) and produced enough veggies from a 4×4 square to feed our family for one season. Look it up if you haven’t heard of it.
    I’m making your cinnamon rolls this morning. I’m either going to glaze them with a simple glaze of icing sugar, vanilla and milk or leave them unglazed. The recipe already has more than twice as much sugar as my current fave.
    Great blog, by the way, combining all my favourites–knitting, gardening and cooking.

  13. Shannon Avatar

    Tamas makes fun of me mightily for a. buying alternate cover issues of Buffy and b. buying the paperbacks when I have (usually at least two) of each issue already. So be it. It’s awesome!

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