hot laura action – now in print

Hold on to your modems, folks – gonna be a long entry.

First up, the Broadripples are done and I love them!

Broadripple Socks
Pattern: Koigu-weight Broadripple Socks
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Bittersweet”, 2 skeins
Needles: Clover Bamboo dpns, 2.0 mm
Started: July 8, 2005
Finished: July 19, 2005

And just in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m in the process of moving my finished objects to Flickr – accessible on the sidebar, there. I’m still working on it, but the stuff from this year should be mostly up there.

The Sapphire Tank is coming along quite nicely, and quickly for 3.5 mm needles!

Unfortunately on the subway ride home from stitch and bitch last night, I discovered that I’d accidentally increased and had to rip back.

Annie Modesitt’s Corset has begun, out of that bamboo Eden I showed last time. It feels great, and it’s a nice change to do a pattern with more going on than just plain stockinette.

While she was away in Europe, Julie bought me an awesome present – an antique mother of pearl button, from London. Isn’t it pretty?

And last but not least – the advertising. See this?

The second edition of take back the knit is out, and it’s got tons of cool stuff, including lots of – you guessed it – yours truly. A snippit of all the awesomeness…

So hop on over to jae’s and get the deets on how to order!



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10 responses to “hot laura action – now in print”

  1. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh I love the socks! Thanks for the pattern link. Cool book!

  2. Julie Avatar

    Love all the hot laura action. There’s so much–while most of us are only on our 2nd tank top of the summer. BR socks look great. Like the button photo too.

  3. Rebekkah Avatar


    I have this gorgeous LL in the Iris Garden colorway, and have been going through a minor crisis trying to figure out what to do with it. (It’s my first LL, so it has to be special.) The pattern I started just wasn’t working, and I was going to settle for Retro Ribs, my old standby. But I forgot that there was a sockweight version of the Broadripple pattern! Even better, I like the look of it better than the original. You have just inspired me – now I have something to do with my yarn! Thank you!

  4. grumperina Avatar

    Congratulations on the patterns! Your projects look great, the socks are super cute :)

  5. jae Avatar

    great! i knew you’d cave! (okay, no really… thanks.)

  6. Vicki Avatar

    Yaay for the new zine. I’ll have to order one once things settle down some. Love the socks :)

  7. Peggy Avatar

    Congrats on the publication! BTW, I love how your sideways Spencer turned out! I’ve been meaning to start one but don’t have the capacity to bring the intended yarn over to T.O. this time.

  8. Erin Avatar

    Hey! I just thought of this – you need to publish that tank pattern when you’re done with it! That or I need a “Knitters Handy Book of Cabling” so I can figure out how much the cables eat up. Love. It.

  9. Eilene Avatar

    I love that Corset top! I can’t wait to see your progress! Which version are you doing? Are you going to make the buttonholes?
    Your socks are so pretty…nice colors.

  10. Wanda Avatar

    Congratulations for your entries into the ‘zine. I will have to check that out. I think the corset top is going to be great as well as the Sapphire tank.

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