head coverings, part ii

Boy, it’s weird how the minutes/hours/day slip past when you’re watching a TV show on DVD huh? This time it’s Alias, season 5 – I stopped watching around the middle of season 4, so I’ve been watching the rest all on DVD.

All this sitting time is quality knitting time, of course. Very quickly knit, and reknit, and reknit…before it finally decided to be the correct size, a malabrigo hat.

I look pretty stupid in normal-shaped toques, so I needed something with a brim! Pattern is my own, based on the Lady Detective Hat from Knit 2 Together (2 FOs from that book in a row!). Knit with 1 skein of Malabrigo worsted in “Velvet Grapes”, double stranded, on 7mm dpn and 8 mm circs.

I started at the top and knit down, doing a folded brim for more structure and warmth. I did run out of the yarn juuuust at the end and used some stash scrap malabrigo in Olive to finish the job. I actually really like the contrast.

It’s a good thing I finished this, because it’s finally looking like winter here in Toronto – those of you who think Canada’s all ice and snow, we just got the first snowfall of the year and it seems to finally be staying below the freezing mark. I’ve worn the hat a couple of times already, and I’m actually very warm and happy to be wearing it…normally I’m not a hat person at all!

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18 responses to “head coverings, part ii”

  1. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    Love the colours!

  2. Bee Avatar

    That hat looks fantastic! Great job….I love the brim, a really nice addition to an already cool lookin hat.

  3. Dani Avatar

    Cute hat! Funny that you and Steph both posted about the same hat on the same day!

  4. Bliss Avatar

    Fantastic hat! Can I get something similar from the book?

  5. liz Avatar

    the hat loks great!
    i’m wondering what changes you made to the original pattern – i like the way yours turned out much better than the book’s.

    i’ve also had my eye on the scarf/bonnet from that book, and again, yours looks great! now i’m just looking for an excuse to knit up the little baby sweater/mitten set – so cute!

    as always, i enjoy seeing all of your knitterly ventures – keep it up!

  6. Bad Hippie Avatar

    Will you be posting the pattern in your sidebar? I really like that hat…I could definitely see myself wearing it for a more “dressy” look. The toques I wear on the soccer field…but it would be nice to have something a little more “adult.”

  7. Lee Ann Avatar

    I second the request for the pattern. I look like a dork in normal hats, but one with a brim, I’d love…and I happen to have one skein of that luscious stuff.

  8. Pat Avatar

    WOW – that is a great hat!

  9. LizW Avatar

    Love it! I’m a “brim hat” person, too. Yours looks wonderfully toasty warm. Everyone’s talking about Malabrigo. I’m going to have to order some up!

  10. Laura Avatar

    It looks great on you. I think I may need to check out that book, now!

  11. gleek Avatar

    oooh, yes! i love that contrast under the trim. a happy accident! :)

    looks like it’s gonna get cold and snowy here too finally. gotta pull out all of my winter FOs!

  12. Kim Avatar

    Love it! I, too, need a brimmed hat, so I think this is the neatest thing. I’ll have to take a second look at this Lady Detective pattern.

  13. Robin Avatar

    The had looks fab! I love the touch of green on the inside as well. Keep warm!

  14. Moni Avatar

    I *love* your hat! the colors are amazing, and I love the shape!

  15. heatherly Avatar

    also,not a hat person. but i think i would like to make and actually wear that hat!

  16. Kim Avatar

    I really like the shape of your hat! And I adore the green contrast inside – sort of your secret little detail.

  17. Alison Avatar

    Lovely hat! And I also really like the contrast on the inside of the brim. :)

  18. Laura Avatar

    I love your hat! So did you just make the bottom longer and double it over? (Sorry if it’s obvious what you’ve done; it’s early here) :)

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