I got me my new toy!

my new true love

I decided to go with the Nikon d40 – it’s nice and small, perfect for my teeny hands. I got the kit lens, an 18-55mm, and also bought this lens off my friend Andrea – it’s the 50mm f/1.8. I love it! Such pretty pictures!

dream in color baby

I’m still practicing, since the 50mm isn’t an AF-S lens, it’s only manual focus on this camera (one of the downsides of this model). But I still got some great shots at knit night the other night! Mostly of the kids, really, since they’re such adorable models.


knit night

chew toy

Check out Keri’s super cool bling sweater! See the beads?

keri's bling sweater

Finally, a shot of Liam, hamming it up for the camera:

liam is awesome

All these photos are unretouched (sorry Michelle!).

I love this camera!

20 Responses to “happy fun time”

  1. Stephanie

    Aren’t new cameras so exciting? Much as I love my old trusty Canon Powershot, I am having lots of fun borrowing my dad’s new Canon Powershot almost-a-DSLR.

  2. --Deb

    Congratulations! I got a D40 last month and love it. I hope you have as much fun as I am!

  3. Debbie

    Wow! Great shots! I’ve always been a Canon fan, but it seems that many people, online, are buying the Nikon. Update us, now and then, about progress with the features on the camera!

  4. Magalie

    Great camera and the 50mm is so much fun. Welcome to the Nikon family…you picked the “right” side. lol, just kidding I suppose cannons are okay too. ;)

  5. Trine

    What lovely pictures this camera takes! I’ve been wanting a new camera for years; the one we have is okay for your everyday pictures, but yarn photo art? Nuh uh.

    I’ve been thinking about getting a Nikon, especially after hearing about people who love their Nikons! Perhaps I can persuade Daddy to help his poor daughter out with the financial aspect. :P Maybe if I tell him he can borrow it to take pictures of his car…

    Anyway. Love your blog, love your pictures. :P Btw, in the 4th picture, a woman is wearing a blue knitted sweater.. Do you happen to know if she knit that herself? :)

    Trine xx

  6. Wendolene

    I’d say you’re off to a good start with your new camera! I lug around a Cannon Rebel (analog, and don’t anyone get excited, I still have my old Nikon), and will definitely look for something lighter when I go for a digital!

  7. debbie

    Your pictures are great! And I also would like to know about the blue sweater your friend is wearing :)

  8. dani

    I just got D40 last month but haven’t really had a chance to play. You’re totally inspiring me. Maybe you, Deb and I need to start a new D40 users support group!

  9. jessie

    I just got the same camera two weeks ago! I’ve never had an SLR before, and can’t believe the pictures. Continue to have fun with it!

  10. Shani

    I was wondering which one you’d decided on! I’m going to be getting the same one, so I’m kind of glad to know you made the same decision I did. :) And glad to know you’re liking it so much!


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