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bean harvest #1

The beans have really popped! I harvested by first beans today – a good handful of Royal Burgundy and Provider bush beans. I sauteed them briefly in a little olive oil, then sprinkled them with salt and downed them right quick. Yum. About ten minutes from plant to mouth. I love growing things.

Other stuff in the garden is going crazy too – this is actually two zucchini plants. They’re huge! No fruit yet, but I’m hoping for soon.

them's big

I also finally have a couple of teeny tomatoes. Things have been so slow this year, but my tomato plants are starting to outgrow their cages and they look super.

two tomatoes!

Two weeks ago or so I planted some rainbow chard in a pot – it’s still very tiny, but it won’t take too long for it to get a whole lot bigger (I hope).


On a completely unrelated topic, I’ve got some awesome (lightly worn) shoes for sale that I’m hoping someone out there can use –

Dansko Mylas - for sale

Dansko Mylas – brown, women’s size 38. I loved these shoes, but they just didn’t love me and my orthotics. Danskos rule! Click on the photo for more info. I paid $120, asking $65 including shipping to the US or Canada.

Adbusters Blackspots - for sale

Adbusters Blackspots – the “World’s Most Ethical Shoes”, apparently – they look similar to Converse Allstars, but with a hemp upper, handdrawn logo and sweet spot, and are built in a union shop in Portugal. They also feel more substantial than Chucks, with a lot more cushioning in the sole.

Women’s size 7 – they turned out to be a little too small for me, but I’m totally going to buy a bigger pair because they’re really cool and comfy. I paid $90 Canadian, asking $50 USD including shipping. You can tell they’re very lightly worn because the toe caps are still white!

Email me if you’re interested in either pair – they’re great shoes, and I’m sad that they didn’t work out for me! I have such trouble buying shoes, sigh. Does anyone have recommendations for shoes that work okay with orthotics (preferably with a removable insole) and are somewhat stylish?

Still with me? Want some eye candy?

most. expensive. yarn.

I’m knitting a sample shawl for the store out of Louet Mooi – apparently it’s pronounced “moi”, but I keep thinking “mooey” in my head. It’s bison, bamboo and cashmere, and pretty spendy…but this red colour is gorgeous and it’s working up really nicely!



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  1. jess Avatar

    I discovered that there are a couple of pairs of Keen mary janes that my (large, athletic-style) orthotics fit into. Both the Keen Calistoga and the Sydney II accommodate my orthotics. Otherwise I haven’t had much luck — none of my danskos work with my orthotics. Good luck!

  2. Steph Avatar

    Gardening pictures always make my day. Your posts are always lovely.

  3. Angie Avatar

    This is the second time I’ve seen the new Louet yarn, and it looks absolutely gorgeous, but will any of us ever thing anything but “Mooey” when we see it?

  4. ysolda Avatar

    Sigh. I wish I’d tried on your danskos now! Although almost all of my shoes are a 38 I think they might be too small :(

    I totally owe you an email too – sorry!

  5. The Knitting Archaeo Avatar

    I also thought it should be “mooey”! That extra “o” seems to negate the whole “moi” pronounciation! Anyway, it’s a gorgeous color:)

  6. Christine Avatar

    I feel your pain regarding shoes and orthotics. I, too love Danskos but can’t get them to work with my orthotics. I have narrow feet and the Danskos are too wide. Plus when I put the orthotics in it makes my feet sit too tall in them. Too wide and too tall makes for awkward walking.

    I’m having good luck with Joseph Siebel. I have two pairs and both work well with the orthotics. One of the pairs works great (I wish I could remember the style name…. maryjane-ish… if I find the style name I’ll email you).

  7. Jessica Avatar

    Anyone take the shoes yet????? I’m a 38 and they’ll probably fit, although some Dansko’s fit better than others. But for $65 bucks, that’s a steal – wait Canadian or American $$$?

    Email me :)

  8. Serina Avatar

    The beans look beautiful. I’ve had luck with Born shoes for orthotics as well as Mephisto, though the latter can be hit or miss in terms of styling.

  9. Mikaiya Avatar

    I have orthotics, too! I have a couple pairs of Hartjes that take them just fine (Hard to find those, and expensive, but they’re AWESOME). Most, possibly all, have a removeable insole so you can slip the orthotics in- but they are deep enough for me that I can just put the orthotic on top.

    Comfort One Shoes sells them- http://www.comfortoneshoes.com but I’ve never bought from them online, only in-store.

    My mother swears by Merrell’s for her orthotics.

  10. Knittripps Avatar

    Beautiful red yarn. I can’t wait to see the finished shawl. I am sure it will be stunning. I’ve really been on a red kick lately.

  11. Kelly Avatar

    I concur with the Siebel recommendation but also find Ryker to be very good for orthotics – Corso shoes on the Danforth near Chester or on Queen East… I also bought some Wolky shoes from my foot clinic and LOVE THEM. Good luck — I totally understand about the search for good footwear!

  12. Rachael Avatar

    Drat, those Dansko’s are adorable. Day late and a dollar short, or something like that.

  13. maria Avatar

    I call it “mooey” too. It’s more fun.

    While I don’t wear orthotics, I do know that Clarks have a removable insole, so maybe those would work for you. I absolutely the couple pairs that I have.

  14. the other Rachel H Avatar

    The shoes are FANTASTIC! Too bad that my feet are much too large. I especially love the brown ones! TOO COOL! HOpe they find a home.

  15. Laura Avatar

    Birkenstocks, of course. But the best shoes I’ve found are Arcopedicos (available at Magellans.com and other websites), vibramfivefingers.com (toe shoes), and Eccos (available online and here in SC at Dillard’s dept. store). I seldom wear anything else, with two small children. I think the Arcopedicos are my favorites, if I had to pick. But the Eccos provide more arch support and are better with orthotics. The 5 Fingers make your feet align and hence help posture and are great for hiking and climbing.

  16. Marieq Avatar

    Oooo that “Mooi” in that gorgeous red might just get me down to Lettuce Knit sooner rather than later!

  17. Tusa Avatar

    Just found you through Stash and Burn archives. Your veg looks lovely and your shoes are, oh so tempting; and they are my size too but… Shoes or yarn…

  18. sherry Avatar

    Oh, try the earth. Love those shoes.
    I feel the pain(in the feet and the non stylish shoes)
    I know i try to wear my birkies when I dress up (sandals)but i always have to take my running shoes to put back on in the car, they are the only ones that my feet NEVER hurt in.

  19. Defarge Avatar

    I know I’m late but I totally understand the shoeswithorthotics problem and I have wide feet to boot. And I wear somewhere between a 37 and 39, depending on the shoe. Two things.

    I buy shoes at zappos.com. They have a free return for a year policy. That rocks for folks who have a fit problem.

    I have had good luck with Naot. About half of their shoes have removable insoles — you just have to check out the detailed info if you’re web-shopping. They aren’t inexpensive but they look decent and wear wonderfully. Here is a page of some to look at. http://www.zappos.com/n/es/d/722667537/page/1.html

  20. Gretchen Avatar

    Your garden looks so wonderful.

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