I’ve been knitting, reading Jane Eyre for the first time, watching more Friday Night Lights (starting season 4) and more knitting.

I also hung out with some knitters from afar!

Jess of Fig and Plum came to knit night a couple weeks ago and it was a great time. (Excuse the weird lighting.)

jessica and me

And Jodi Green came by to visit while I was working – it was the first time we’d ever met, despite longtime internet acquaintance.

jodi has amaaaazing hair

I did, in fact, finish those colourwork thumbs and managed to knit linings too!

mitten lining

It’s a good thing all the knitting for my soon-to-be-born pattern collection is done (these mittens will be in it), because the photoshoot is on Saturday!

In the meanwhile I got to start a new sweater for myself out of delicious Malabrigo Rios.

cuppa joe and knitting

Goes great with a cuppa coffee in one of my Jennie the Potter mugs!



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6 responses to “happenings”

  1. Laura Avatar

    Love the mittens! I don’t have much use for them, living in Los Angeles, but I admire them from afar :) And also: FNL… BEST SHOW EVER. So good.

  2. Judy Carpenter Avatar

    WOW: the Malabrigo is fabulous! Can’t wait to see more of the sweater!!


  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    After you’re done with the book (required reading at all girls’ schools) try the TV mini-series featuring Timothy Dalton (yum). I notice that it’s available on Netflix (Canadian version).

  4. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Awesome mittens. It is great seeing them (I am still deciding on mittens to make before winter is finally over).

  5. Nik Avatar

    I knew I recognized the pattern on that mug ;D I love her work. I REALLY want some of that malabrigo. How beautiful!

  6. Maryse Avatar

    I look forward to seeing your new collection! I’ll be in Toronto two times 5 days in March. I’ll try to find out where to find your store! Great pics!

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