hang on a second!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I was just digging in a portion of the stash (yep) and found the third ball of Kidsilk Haze that I bought for the Treeline Striped cardigan – meaning, I only actually used two skeins, not three. And now I have an extra ball (along with an extra skein of the brown W4…hmmmm).

It’s like free yarn, or something!

Random sock-in-progress shot. I’m working on a toe-up gusset, trying to figure it out on my own without looking at the many available patterns.

gingerbread dude socks

Yarn is Socks that Rock lightweight in Gingerbread Dude – love it!







12 responses to “hang on a second!”

  1. Stéphanie Avatar

    Wow, that’s gorgeous colors !

  2. Adrienne Avatar

    I *LOVE* those colors!

  3. amanda Avatar

    Ahh, those colours are beautiful!

  4. Jen Da Purse Ho Avatar

    oh man that sock is beautiful! i’m the girl that saw you at Lettuce Knit the other day and was drooling all over your sock. :) i hope i didn’t come across as silly and stupid when i told you I was a fan of your blog. :)

  5. Beverly Avatar

    You know, that’s what I should do–work on a toe-up gusset and heel flap and figure out the math as I go along. I’ve used the various patterns out there, but I have thick ankles and am a tight knitter, which means that my socks usually end up having 80 stitches around the foot. I have yet to find a toe-up heel flap for that many stitches that looks the way I want it to and has the math done correctly. Good luck!

  6. rachel Avatar

    1 ball of KSH = 1 Ice Queen, dontcha know!

  7. Jo Avatar

    Beautiful! I finished my Gingerbread dude socks at the end of December and love them – now I want to make other things to match them…

  8. Tajhia Avatar

    I love the colours of that sock!

    So what are you going to make with your “free” yarn?

  9. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I just wanted to thank you for your short row heel tutorial. I used it as a guideline when I was making what felt like a million zillion Christmas stocking ornaments.

  10. Gina C. Avatar
    Gina C.

    Hi – thanks for the tutorial on short row heels. I’m going to try that out on my 2nd pair of socks, if I ever finish this first pair! Love the stripey pattern in your latest socks – can I ask what kind of needles you’re using in that photo?

  11. Caroline Avatar

    Y’know, I just did the heel of a toe-up gusset (& used a Wendy Johnson pattern) and I LOVED IT!!!! As I was knitting it, I thought, this has got to be the best darn thing ever.

  12. Linda in Waterloo Avatar
    Linda in Waterloo

    Just catching up on some blog reading and read through some of your recent posts. I am sorry to read that you are having to endure some heartache as that is very painful. I hope you reach a time of peace.
    But, your hair looks great and the VBCardi is terrific. Here’s to happiness in the New Year.

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