A bit grumpy, moody these last couple days. At least I have supermerino socks to cheer me up!

Thuja socks
Pattern: thuja from knitty
Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino, col. 130
Needles: 3.25 mm dpn
Finished: uh…sometime shortly after I started.

Super fast, super comfy, and pink! What’s not to love?

I’ve also been working on the back of Nordic Memories – there was a bit of a yarn supply scare, but I finished the back within the allotted three balls. Since the front is a v-neck, it uses less yarn – I should be ok. Going by the yardage the pattern called for 8.2 balls of Merino Style, but I’ll have used a full 10 balls of the main colour. Good thing I always buy extra!

Lots more updates this weekend.

ETA: Yes, I only used 2 skeins – smaller needles for a smaller foot, 5.5″ cuff, 9.5″ foot. Fun!







12 responses to “grump.”

  1. caitlyn Avatar

    Very pretty! I may have to try that pattern! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Hope those lovely, cozy socks cheer you up! They turned out great.

  3. Theresa Avatar

    I hate it when the yardage is off – that’s why I have so many extra skeins of things lying around – you never can be sure . . .

  4. Anne Avatar

    I love those colors! Beautiful socks. Does the supermerino naturally not pool like that, or did you do something to keep that from happening? I’m thinking I might have to pick some of that up for a pair of my own!

  5. Latoya Avatar

    Those socks are gorgeous!

  6. Julia Avatar

    I hear ya… I’ve been grumpy too. Lots of school and job stuff to think about and suck my energy. Your socks are wonderful. i think I’ll have to try that pattern, I like the wide ribs.

  7. Michelle Avatar

    Wow! They are gorgeous – they look really comfy and cushy too. Nice work!

  8. Saleknitter Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! I think I might have to purchase some yarn! How do supermerino socks wear? Do you have to reinforce them?

  9. Kate Avatar

    I love your the socks, especially the colour – you’re inspiring me to give sock knitting a go.

  10. joelene Avatar

    Nice Sock! May I ask if you used 3 skeins? I really want cozy feet like that, but I only have 2 skeins?

    The color is fab!

  11. joelene Avatar

    Thanks! That is just what I was hoping!

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