Thanks for all the comments on my malabrigo hat! It sure is keeping me toasty!

I don’t want to post the pattern in its entirety (laws and all that) so here are the ways in which I deviated from the Lady Detective Hat (from Knit 2 Together, since I know someone will ask that).

Followed the top instructions, but working in stockinette stitch. Purl the last round of the crown. I didn’t bind off the crown and pick up; instead I just kept knitting (and switched to a circ) in stockinette rather than the pattern stitch.

The first time, I knit the hat as prescribed and it was way huge – my fault; looser gauge with it being in stockinette. So the last (and best-fitting) time, I decreased (k2tog) about every ten stitches or so in the first round of the body. I shortened the body. I removed a couple rows from the brim because it was getting too long, and mirrored that in the brim lining. I think that’s it!

Progress shots on Lady E:

Almost done – and this photo’s slightly outdated now! I’m on the ninth ball, and I’m a bit undecided as to what to do for the trim. I don’t really like fringe, and the one from the book (with its intricate knotting) is way out. Maybe normal tassels? I kind of feel like the ends need something. Maybe again, maybe they don’t need anything. Any suggestions?

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  1. Jill

    Hey Laura,

    I just started a Lady E on the weekend out of Manos and I am totally torn on the edging issue. I like the fringe in the pictures but we will see how I feel when I finish all of the knitting.

  2. Dani

    I think the tassels is a really good idea. I think it needs some visual weight on the ends to really complete it.

    I am so desperate to knit that shawl….damn budget!

  3. gleek

    oooh, that is turning out just lovely! i adore that colorway. by the way, what size needles are you using? just curious.

  4. ami

    Oooh! Love your Lady E. Great colorway. I chose to go ahead and do the fringe from the book after some debate. I ended up loving it, however it did take about half a skein of yarn.

  5. Stephanie

    Maybe if you sewed some beads onto the end. I’m thinking something muted, but maybe iridescent? Anyway, I agree with the whole not liking the thought of a fringe.

  6. Sheila

    LadyE is lovely. I love to knit entrelac. I like tassels on the end of entrelac.


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