I seem to be running in colour families these days!

On the needles, a more interesting (and hopefully better-fitting), top down raglan. Mmmm this yarn is so soft! I got it in Paris, it’s Plassard Meri-Cash8. 90% merino, 10% cashmere, with lots of plies.

a more interesting raglan

Off the needles, plain ribbed socks, top down, but with red toes! Ultra Alpaca Light. I’ve now got a red pair with grey toes on the go.

red toes

I’m headed to Ottawa for a weekend away – have a good one!

9 Responses to “greys”

  1. SusanSW

    mmmmm–grey, grey, love those shades of grey, especially with the red thrown in!

  2. kmkat

    I had to throw away a purchases pair of gray socks with red heels and toes because I had worn them out. But I intend to replace them with ones like yours :-)

  3. Karen

    Love those socks. The colors somehow make me want to curl up in front of a fire with a good book!

  4. Elizabeth

    Hi. I live in Ottawa. I’ll be leaving on Sunday for a week in New England, but if you need a drive anywhere here on Saturday, or just want a tour of the sights, let me know at emccarten@gmail.com.


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