I seem to be running in colour families these days!

On the needles, a more interesting (and hopefully better-fitting), top down raglan. Mmmm this yarn is so soft! I got it in Paris, it’s Plassard Meri-Cash8. 90% merino, 10% cashmere, with lots of plies.

a more interesting raglan

Off the needles, plain ribbed socks, top down, but with red toes! Ultra Alpaca Light. I’ve now got a red pair with grey toes on the go.

red toes

I’m headed to Ottawa for a weekend away – have a good one!



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9 responses to “greys”

  1. Craftydogs Avatar

    Love the socks, the red toes, really make them.

  2. Diana Avatar

    Love the grey socks with red toes! They look so classic.

  3. SusanSW Avatar

    mmmmm–grey, grey, love those shades of grey, especially with the red thrown in!

  4. Renee Avatar

    The red toes are adorable.
    Have a super weekend in Ottawa. :)

  5. kmkat Avatar

    I had to throw away a purchases pair of gray socks with red heels and toes because I had worn them out. But I intend to replace them with ones like yours :-)

  6. kristin Avatar

    I love the red toes! What an inspired idea.

  7. Karen Avatar

    Love those socks. The colors somehow make me want to curl up in front of a fire with a good book!

  8. Elizabeth Avatar

    Hi. I live in Ottawa. I’ll be leaving on Sunday for a week in New England, but if you need a drive anywhere here on Saturday, or just want a tour of the sights, let me know at

  9. kitkatknit Avatar

    The socks are darling!

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