friday things

Finally measured my giant wool-eater against the cushion – why is this cover taking so long?! Because it’s an 18″ pillow, that’s why. Hrmph.

why's this taking so long?!

I can really only do 1 tier at a sitting now, because my wrist doesn’t love crochet.

But for some more instant gratification, I started a yellow granny square for the back of the pillow.

granny square - yellows

Ahh, that’s better! The Wool-eater has an extra wrap on each stitch (double yo) and lots of extra twists and turns, so this double crochet granny square feels a lot quicker.

Alas, I must put down the crochet and work on my deadline knitting project.

malabrigo sock

It’s a sweet lace piece for my upcoming collection, in Malabrigo sock. We’ve got a date picked for the photoshoot, a photographer, a stylist, a model and a makeup artist – exciting!



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2 responses to “friday things”

  1. Brandi Avatar

    All three projects are just lovely. I remember learning granny squares at 5 with my great- grandmother.

  2. Allison Avatar

    The colors on your pillow will be wonderfully bright–perfect for spring!
    Looking forward to seeing the new collection!

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