The cormo made it home safe and sound, after a slight detour to lettuce knit.

I ran out of yarn while working on my wrappy sweater today at the store (although it can’t really be called a wrappy sweater anymore, because I changed my mind), so I started something new, with the Koigu that I bought yesterday…this skirt from the fall issue of Vogue Knitting!

Of course, I’m toning it down a bit – I’m only doing three tiers of hexagons; all my hexagons shall be the same colourway, although I’m sure they’ll pattern differently; my in-between-tier colour will be dark brown Louet merino, to match the brown in the koigu. That hasn’t been ordered or anything yet, but it will be…sometime.

But the ends, dear god the ENDS!

Every hexagon has about 15 ends! I’m going to try something with knitting them in, but it’s difficult because they’re all pick up tails/cast off tails. There are 27 hexgons total, with the second and third tier ones being progressively bigger. The hexagon is pretty quick to knit, so this might actually be a fairly fast project.

I also put in some time on Cloud, and I’m into the body increases:

You know, on my way home I was thinking about how I should do my modelled shots of Cozy, but then…I just didn’t do them. I think I need some during-the-day time when I’m at home to do it, and I’m not sure when that’ll be. This week though, I promise!



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4 responses to “found!”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Oh, wow, I can’t believe you’ll be making that skirt! It strikes me as almost museum-worthy! I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. Colleen Avatar

    Mmmm, the Koigu that you’re using for your skirt looks heavenly. Once you finish it, I think that you should take the skirt on tour with you :-).

  3. Cheryl Avatar

    I’m so glad you’re knitting that skirt. I’m intrigued by the pattern and I’m dying to see a real life knitted example of it!

  4. Brenda Avatar

    I can’t believe you are making that skirt. And you think it will be speedy? Post it for sure when it’s done.

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