FO: Monkeys

FO: monkeys

FO: monkeys

FO: monkeys

1 skein Indigo Moon fingering weight, Monkey socks by Cookie A



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11 responses to “FO: Monkeys”

  1. Katinka Avatar

    They look fabulous! :D

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    The yarn is perfect for that pattern. It’s on my list to knit – one of these days…

  3. Bonnie Avatar

    Gorgeous! I love that pattern.

  4. allison Avatar

    They look great in that yarn!

  5. Knittripps Avatar

    I am asking myself why I haven’t knit a pair of monkeys yet!

  6. trish Avatar

    The socks look wonderful….Mountains in the Moonlight…one of the first (and most favorite) colourways I’ve ever hand painted. Thanks so much for showing off your beautiful socks!

  7. Elizabeth Avatar

    Most impressive. But isn’t it just a wee bit annoying that handknitted socks are usually hidden under other clothing? Really, one almost wants to put socks like these on one’s hands so that the world will notice!

  8. Jennifer Avatar

    They look fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration. I cast on for a pair… but didn’t get further than the cuff. I must go dig them out and get moving. Wear them well!

  9. Kenoshia Avatar

    Wow, the yarn is gorgeous! Great result!

  10. Maryse Avatar

    They are gorgeous! I love that pattern!

  11. Cassy Avatar

    What lovely colors! I’ve made that pattern twice, though toe up…and I really enjoyed it. Very cool colorway choice.

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