Fits and Starts

I got a new jumbo plying head for my spinning wheel, and finally got to trying it out this weekend. It’ll definitely take some getting used to, and it takes quite a bit of muscle to keep it going!


Fiber is another Targhee Top from FatCatKnits that I bought at Rhinebeck. The jumbo flyer pulls quite a bit, so it might be more suitable for thicker yarns than this one – I had a bit of trouble getting enough plying twist. But I think a good bath and roughing up will even things out and plump up the yarn. Here’s the finished skein, not washed yet:



I’ve gotten down to the waist of my garter stitch wrap cardigan, though you certainly can’t tell from this blob!


For some simple knitting to keep in my purse, I started a new pair of socks for Dale – I didn’t knit him any new ones this winter and the older ones are getting worn out. Unfortunately I can’t remember what yarn this is, and there were no tags! I’m pretty sure it’s naturally dyed, and I got it at TNNA some years ago. It’s got a nice tight twist that should make for hardwearing socks.


My colourwork raglan has been joined for the yoke, finally! The rounds are getting shorter, and I’m nearly to the top now. I keep going back and forth on what I’m going to do with the neck, but I should really get that sorted now.

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6 responses to “Fits and Starts”

  1. Jan E. Avatar
    Jan E.

    As always, your work is inspirational.

  2. Duni Avatar

    That color work cardigan- yeow! I love it!

  3. Robin Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful colours in the cardigan! The garter stitch sweater looks great too.

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    that colourwork raglan cardi is lovely!!

  5. Maureen Avatar

    Hi Laura, There is a free closed group on Facebook called “Love My Lendrum!”. Somone just posted a photo on how to cross the tension string when using the jumbo flyer so it becomes easier to treadle your wheel. Good Luck!

  6. michelle Avatar

    Catching up on posts. Can you share the color of the yarn your using for the garter stitch cardigan? I checked on their site but I wasn’t sure which one. Your sweater coming along nicely.

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