It snowed a bit overnight! Not much, mind you – the road is just wet, but there’s about a cm or two on the rooftops and lawns. Snow is still falling, a little bit, with occasional bursts of wind carrying snow off the roof and making it look like it’s snowier than it is.

Suddenly it feels like it’s really winter, even though it isn’t October NOVEMBER (yikes) yet! The snow should all melt today or tomorrow when it warms up a bit, and it’s supposed to be warmer for Hallowe’en, but somehow the first snow is just so potent in conjuring up real winter.

So, cold-weather accessories are on and off the needles!


Some basic fingerless mitts, worked up in an Araucania yarn whose name escapes me at the moment. They’re too big for me, but that’s good – they’re a sample for the store and a basic pattern card for sale that I’ve worked up, and they’ll fit normal-sized medium/large hands!

And in the ever popular Misti Alpaca Chunky, I knit up a nice long mistake rib scarf to show off the yarn – and to have something to show customers when they say “how much does one of these make?” (the scarf is 2 skeins, but 80″ long).

sample mistake rib scarf

Just off the needles and onto the blocking towels, a ruffled scarf out of oh-so-yummy Malabrigo worsted.

malabrigo ruffle

And these mittens that I’ve dubbed “Galileo Mittens” are done, worn, and the pattern is just being proofread. Soon, soon.

Galileo mitttens

Why does time move faster in the morning when you need to get ready for work? It’s a time warp!

28 Responses to “first snow!”

  1. mooncalf

    I don’t know how time passes where you are but it’s been October here for a while! :)

    Lovely knits, especially those Galileo mitts. Can’t wait for the pattern. We’ve had our first snow here in the UK too and it is time to put away the fingerless mitts and get some stranded mittens on the needles ASAP.

  2. Seanna Lea

    I’m hoping that snow will be here soon! Then I’ll be able to justify pulling out my huge wool scarf!

    (I really want to make the Galileo mittens even though I still haven’t done fairisle yet though I’ve been thinking about it all year.)

  3. Mei

    It’s snowed!!!!????? Over here, it’s always raining. 4 Celsius and rain = bleh.

    Love those fingerless mitts; I’m sure they’ll come in handy! XD

  4. Cheryl

    Wow, those mittens are awesome! It’s one of those patterns where I looked at them and immediately thought “I NEED to make those!”
    Can’t wait for the pattern! It snowed here in Montreal overnight, so my mind is on mittens and scarves and hats and cowls and warm wintery snuggly things

  5. Suzanne

    beautiful accessories! I spy something else lovely as well. Details please regarding the gray cardigan your “model” is wearing. Is that one of your designs? If not – who’s pattern is it?

  6. Jenni

    It snowed here too :( I don’t mind the cold, but I hate the snow. Seems like Fall only lasted 2 weeks this year!

    Cute! Cute! and Cute! I love the yarn you used on those mitts, I’m gonna have to get some! I also really really love that ruffled scarf…did you just whip that up or was there a pattern for it? I’ve been looking all over for the perfect ruffled scarf and ruffled sweater lately.

    Can’t wait to see the mittens pattern written up, those are adorable!

  7. Heather

    The sweater below the scarf is just gorgeous. Will you be selling the pattern for that?
    Everything is just stunning

  8. Caroline

    My dear, it’s been October for, like, 29 days at last count. Maybe you should edit that to say November?
    Love the mittens – they’re really pretty!!!

  9. Beverly

    *Some basic fingerless mitts, worked up in an Araucania yarn whose name escapes me at the moment.*

    When you think of it, I would love to know, the colorway is gorgeous!

  10. Dea

    yay, first snow! :D I get all giddy like when I was a child, whenever i see snow! And somehow the first snow is the most magical!

    Those last mittens are wonderful! :D

  11. Jaime

    The fingerless mitts looks comfy and the Auracania is beautiful. And I can’t wait for the pattern to the mittens. They are lovely. :-)

  12. Noo

    I love the colourway of the Araucania yarn! Do blog the name if it occurs to you. The mittens are just beautiful – I don’t think I’ve seen a more stylish pair. Oh, and I adore Misti Alpaca Chunky. It’s like knitting with buttery air. There’s a lot of love between me and your blog post!

  13. pati

    love the blue scarf and the gloves. could you give me any info on the cardigan – it looks so warm and toasty – just right for fall!


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