first FO of 2010

And it’s a good one!

finally off the needles

I finally picked up a project I started back in 2008 (yikes, thanks to my Rav page I actually know when I started it) with yarn that I’d received for Christmas 2007. It’s gorgeous yarn, Handmaiden Swiss Mountain Cashmere and Silk. And since I have people who know what I like, I received 2 skeins from one person and a third in the same colour from someone else!

I decided on a simple tube scarf and to just knit until I was done the yarn. Turns out that wasn’t quite enough to capture my attention, I suppose, because I put it down for a loooong awhile and just recently unearthed it from the (okay, a) bin of unfinished projects. I had less than half a skein to go!

YIP 005/365

Okay, I know I don’t look that pleased, but I am! I finished it right up, wove in the ends and now I have a new scarf. It isn’t actually warm enough for right now, but hey, whatever. It’s still awfully pretty. I knit it as a stockinette tube with a purl stitch at the beginning and midpoint of the round, but after I’d finished I decided I like the purl side out better!

And I finished with just a teeny amount left over. Satisfying, eh?

YIP 002/365



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20 responses to “first FO of 2010”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    such a beautiful colour. Making something to be worn with the purl side out is an intriguing idea….

  2. Marsha Avatar

    How brilliant is that?!! Simplicity = Perfection.

  3. Birgitte Avatar

    It’s beautiful!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful. Great idea.

  5. Seanna Lea Avatar

    A lot of simple knits are so great to wear, but so hard to knit. It’s like the simplicity defeats the knitter. I don’t want to think about some of the old things I have listed in Ravelry. It’s a blessing and a curse to know about them.

  6. Vickie Avatar

    Finishing is always satisfying! Then it’s off to another project. Nice scarf and it’s great that the yarn was a gift from two thoughtful people. Even better.

  7. April Avatar

    Satisfying indeed but I would watching the remaining yarn very closely.

  8. Wendolene Avatar

    What gorgeous yarn! The simplicity of the pattern shows it off perfectly.

  9. Bloo Avatar

    Pretty pretty! And I absolutely love the colour.

    Also look forward to seeing a finished pic of the green beret!

  10. Maryse Avatar

    The yarn is gorgeous and you’re right, the purl side looks fabulous!

  11. Stacey Avatar

    That color is great!

  12. Smellyann Avatar

    It’s gorgeous! Looks great on you, too.

  13. yarndancer Avatar

    What a beautiful scarf! It looks great purl side out!

  14. Sarah Avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful! You should wear this scarf on Valentines Day.

  15. Jennifer Avatar

    Beautiful! Congrats on finishing a long UFO- always feels good!

  16. Craftydogs Avatar

    looks beautiful, I am sure it is lovely and softy and warm, just what you want for the winter

  17. Nutsue Avatar

    Gorgeous, I really love that burgundy color!

  18. Knittripps Avatar

    Simple and beautiful. Finishing up an old WIP is a great way to kick off the new year!

  19. Jessica Avatar

    Beautiful, simple and understated it is a lovely piece.

  20. suzanne jackson Avatar
    suzanne jackson

    great idea – I’ve done the Harry Potter scarf, also knitted “tube” style, it’s worsted weight and makes a really hefty scarf. But I hadn’t considered doing the same with a fine weight. Question: did you finish off the ends or leave them as cast on / bind off so they are open and curl??

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