extremely urgent

Ooooooooh. Two pounds of tussah roving! Pretty urgent to me.

New yarn: colour-changing yarn!

It’s red, then orange, then yellow over the course of the skein (with some inbetweeny parts as well). About equal amounts of each.

And just because I’m so excited about them, my seedlings!

I’ve got two kinds of cherry tomatoes (yellow pear and black), dark green zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, sugar baby watermelon, lincoln peas, and sweet basil. I’ve got to replant but quick, and get the tomatoes a grow light. I’m so happy they’re just growing!

See you at the Frolic tomorrow?







7 responses to “extremely urgent”

  1. Valerie Avatar

    How jealous am I of your garden? Very. I want tomatoes and crookneck squash!
    I’ve been lurking for a while but that gradated (is that a word?) yarn of yours had lured me out into the open. Wowee wow wow!
    Also, are you superwoman? How do you find time for these things? I KNOW what it’s like to be a student.

  2. miss ewe Avatar

    I LOVE that whoever sent you that roving marked it “extremely urgent”. Love it.
    How on earth do you find time for all this? Prolific knitting, spinning, and little did we know, vegetables! You’re like a crafting super hero…

  3. Chris Avatar

    Oh, the color changes on that yarn are very cool – it reminds me of this jell-o thing my mom would make with strawberry jell-o, using vanilla ice cream instead of cold water. It would layer like that. Yum.

  4. Bonnie Avatar

    Fresh basil…..is there anything yummier? I think not, not even gorgeous tussah roving. Basil is just that good.

  5. fleur Avatar

    Waw! I have also beautiful seedings!! It’s woad, carthame, well I don’t remember the names in English, anyway, the purpose is not to eat but to dye!!! Your changing yarn is beautiful (to eat?)

  6. HB Avatar

    whee, another knitter-gardener! i grew yellow pear tomatoes two summers ago and must say that i wasn’t impressed with the texture or taste – yours may be different, but i highly, highly, highly recommend trying to get your hands on some sungold tomatoes to try too. they’re a beautiful orange-gold cherry tomato, with a sensationally sweet taste. i know that Fedco (fabulous mail-order seed company) carries seeds, but i’ve also found plants in my local nursery.

    and the colored-changing yarn is gorgeous!

  7. Grace Avatar

    Ha- a couple years ago I went to the store to get a grow light for indoor seedlings and they all thought I was growing pot. They kept saying “indoor tomatoes” just like that- as if it was in scare quotes. “This one fits in your standard closet-sized space…”

    Anyway, I like your yarn, it’s super cute!

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