ever have one of those days..

..where things just won’t go your way? Wreck your dinner, can’t focus on studying…

oh, and the knitting doesn’t agree with you either? Yeah, those days.

The Evidence: Item 1.

Do you see what I see? The fronts (to the markers) have a different number of stitches from each other. And this was at the end of one very. long. yoke. Just to make sure (since we all know that the camera sees all) I took a picture of the whole thing – after I bound off the neck. I’ll figure out the collar later.

Looks ok…I think.

Item 2.

My beloved Cotton-ease, in Cherry Red. I swatched for the Rebecca “Apricot Cardigan”, and did get gauge on 5.5 mm needles. BUT, I have determined that the colour is just too damn bright for me. So does anyone want this Cotton-ease? I’ve got 6 balls less that little swatch – $3 each, what do you say?

Luckily, after midnight things started looking up. I worked a bit on Cozy – I was feeling frustrated and downright depressed, and this helped. Mmm, wool and silk…I’m still not yet a third of the way done.

I started spinning up the wool I received yesterday. I wasn’t too keen on the colours in the roving, but this is GORGEOUS.

Now I’m all excited about doing my own dyeing – I love the vibrant colours of this roving, and I know I won’t really get that with Koolaid, but I’m not feeling into spending the money and effort on acid dyes. Plus, once I’m done with the POUND of white corridale I’ve got to dye, I can also buy dyed roving to spin.

P.S. I kind of just forgot to write the “yarn” part of “piles of projects and yarn” – I was thinking about how much Cotton-ease I’ve got coming my way, and got kind of woozy. 8 balls of Licorice, 6 of Blueberry, 5 of Banana Cream, and at least 8 of Strawberry cream. So, you know, I really need to vacate the space taken up by that Cherry Red.

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3 responses to “ever have one of those days..”

  1. jane Avatar

    $3 a ball! And today’s my birthday — I must have that red cotton-ease, especially now that it’s not being made anymore. I have a meeting at 7 tomorrow, when will you be at the s n/b. maybe i can swing by before?

  2. Patty Avatar

    Hi. I love your Licorice cardi. I just bought some Cotton Ease in that exact color. I have been looking for something to make with it. Will you have the pattern available on your site? I was thinking about a Ribby Cardi but I would rather have a cardi with pockets.

  3. Vicki Avatar

    It looks even to me. I love your cozy. Definitely something I’ll have to make eventually. Your handspun yarn looks great, it’s crazy how it can look so different in roving, a skein, a ball, etc.

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