34.365 - takeaway dinner

Dinner last night – Indian food takeaway (I’m eating a samosa in this rather blurry photo!). Yum yum.

Currently on the train from Edinburgh to London, with free wifi! We’ve been on for about three hours with nearly two to go – whew. I will say that the train is pretty civilized way to travel…even if no one is in their proper reserved seats!







5 responses to “enroute”

  1. Mel Avatar

    SEE!?! That is why I love the taking the train (and that whole fear of flying thing). I find the listing back and forth or the car just so relaxing!

  2. VA Avatar

    Trains are definitely a commuter choice!
    When in London, if you have time, try walking under the Thames.

    If you are lucky, someone with musical talent’ll be playing in the center.

    I’m jealous! Travel-envy!

  3. Natalie Avatar

    Ah, no one ever sits in their spots! It’s the unwritten rule…

  4. julia Avatar

    Yeah, I did the same thing in England. I had my ticket in hand, walked down the aisle and found somebody sitting in my assigned seat. They moved, but they probably thought I was nuts!
    Sounds like you’re having fun already!

  5. Liz Avatar

    If you want your reserved seat, you usually get it; but as just about half the people who reserve seats, outside Mad Holiday Periods, don’t tend to turn up, or decide to sit elsewhere, people do tend to spread out and hope. But they know they’re sitting in the wrong seats and 99% of them will just smile and move… hope you didn’t have a bad experience…

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