enormous shawl of tweedyness

flower petal shawl

Finally off the needles! It was actually a pretty quick knit. Now I just need to give it a good wash and block, weave in the ends and all that. Pattern is the Flower Petal Shawl from elann, and the yarn is Classic Elite Skye Tweed (also purchased from elann, now that I think about it).

So, the list is coming along. Unfortunately I think I may have overdone it the last couple days, or something – my left wrist is complaining a bit today. So I’ve put the knitting down, and should actually, you know, get some other work done. I’m also back on the spinning wheel, so I can go do that for my procrastination tool.

For those that were wondering, one skein of Ultramerino 6 is plenty for a pair of socks, women’s M (size 8-ish) with a shortish cuff – about 6 inches. You could also go toe up and get the most out of the skein.







10 responses to “enormous shawl of tweedyness”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    The shawl looks great! Somehow it had never grabbed me when I saw it on their site, but your version is making me want to cast on for a tweedy one.

  2. miss ewe Avatar

    Wow, Laura. Knit in the bulkier weight this is beautiful! So cozy to wrap up in!!!

  3. nubiancraftster Avatar

    wow that looks cozy!

  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Just. beautiful. It reminds me a little of brooklyn tweed’s blanket – great to see patterns like these worked up in the cozy tweeds :)

  5. Melanie Avatar

    Wow! great pattern, nice yarn.

  6. Opal Avatar

    That turned out really beautifully. It opens up a world of possibilities too.

  7. bernie Avatar

    Wow. that is incredible. It reminds me of the costumes of Middle Earth.

  8. Lydia / Windandsea Avatar

    That’s so beautiful! The tweed is perfect…

  9. susan Avatar

    i don’t know if it is because of the yarn you used but i think yours is much much prettier than the one on the elann site. i wasn’t even tempted to knit that pattern until i saw yours.

    what a difference yarn makes.

  10. le chat qui coud Avatar

    i love it!!!

    your’s is more gorgeous than the original patern!!


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