elbow grease

Currently washing fleece (finally…it’s been sitting in my basement, which I know is bad) and it’s actually quite satisfying. Perhaps because the first thing I did was to comb up a wee sliver from the bit I’d washed quite awhile ago, and it actually came out quite nice – great colour, fluffy, fairly soft (which I think will be helped by some eucalan for the final yarn).

I’ve now equipped myself with some BIG mesh bags (one fills the whole sink), a new plastic bowl and plastic basket. It’s taking a lot more than the 2-3 washes that the internets are telling me, but that’s okay. I just keep going until it’s clean. And that first soak…it’s pretty gross. I’ve done one big wash bag and am currently doing another (and I think it’ll be more efficient this time, for some reason). I miiiight do a third tonight. I’ve taken quite a chunk out of the fleece – I’d estimate after tonight’s three bags, maybe two more max.

Once it’s nice or at least tolerable outside, I’ll do all the combing outside – many bits falling out, it’s pretty gross. I know combing produces more waste but it’s so nice and fluffy! I’ll try carding some too, just to see. I’m okay at carding for colour blending, but I haven’t really done much else with it. Any tips? Words of wisdom? This is my first fleece!

Did I mention I’m trying to finish off a paper at the same time? I’m very close to done with it, just trying to see if I can fit in one more bit of argument. It’s not due till Wednesday, either, so I’m a bit ahead!






3 responses to “elbow grease”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Wowza – you are very good. I would LOVE to give it a try one day. Yes, one day.

  2. Thalia Avatar

    Ooo, I am looking forward to having a place of my own that’s big enough someday to have space to work on a fleece. It sounds like good clean (dirty) fun with some serious work involved too.

    I can’t offer much assistance aside from a “woot! you go!” kind of thing. :)

  3. Mags Avatar

    We’re doing an informal fleecestudy group down here in Buffalo–we *love* the flick carder–instead of carders. Good luck with that fleece!

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