cozy cashmere

I knit up this little cowl ages ago and never blogged it! I’ve been terribly remiss in my FO shoots. This one is just single round stripes in some leftovers of DK weight cashmere, mostly Handmaiden 4ply. It was a pleasure to knit up, and super warm.

simple cashmere cowl

simple cashmere cowl

simple cashmere cowl

A little print pattern will be available at lettuce knit starting this weekend – we have lots of Handmaiden 4-ply cashmere too!

P.S. Since several people have asked about the ornaments – the sweaters are based on the pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the little Santa hat and stocking are my own. I’ll put up a wee pattern for them this weekend!



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8 responses to “cozy cashmere”

  1. threegoodrats Avatar

    I didn’t realize the sweater ornaments pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts was yours – I always get flattering comments on the ones hanging on my tree! This cowl is lovely too :)

  2. jackie conkling Avatar
    jackie conkling

    Hi, Please, will you make the Cowl pattern available to those of us who are not local? It is nice.

  3. Mimii Avatar

    It’s beautiful, I love colors :) and it seems to be warm, perfect for winter !

  4. Knittripps Avatar

    Delicious cashmere! Very pretty cowl. Looking forward to the pattern!

  5. Brandi Avatar

    I had to make myself a cashmere cowl a few weeks ago. Looove the cashmere.

  6. Jenni Avatar

    beautiful! wish i could afford cashmere yarn…i’d make one of my own!

  7. StellaMM Avatar

    Just beautiful.

  8. Carrie Avatar

    I would really love this pattern, but I cannot find it on the Lettuce Knit website? Did it ever get there? Or is it already gone?

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