cheery cherry

I’ve always considered myself to be more of cake person in the cake versus pie debate (Mel is a pie person), but this one…this one moved me a little more towards the middle.

sour cherry pie

The pile of cherries that I picked from the tree in my yard (Montmorency sour cherries) were sitting in my fridge while I dithered about what to make – they sat a little too long, actually, and I had to toss a few. But I still had enough to make this delicious cherry pie with a little less filling!

The recipe was from the June issue of Bon Appetit – it’s been reproduced on another blog here. I halved the filling, but made the same amount of crust, and didn’t do a lattice (obviously).

The crust was perfect – super duper flakey and delicious! It’s been a long time since I’ve made pastry – actually, now that I think about it, I’ve never really done much! My mom used to bake things with crusts, and I’d get the leftover scraps to make mini-strudel shaped things with jam inside. Never too late to get started though! I used a few tricks I’ve heard here and there – I cut the butter into small cubes then stuck them in the freezer for about 15 minutes; I also measured the dry ingredients into a bowl and stuck that in the fridge for the same amount of time. I also used the pastry cutter rather than my fingers, although I did have to use my hands a bit to get it to stick together before I put it in the fridge.

The dough was a bit crumbly to work with, but overall it wasn’t bad – although my rolling technique needs some work! I saw a pie/pizza dough lifter thingy on a blog somewhere, but now I can’t find it – that’s what I need! My pie’s kind of ugly, but did I mention the yummy-ness? I think a homely pie is kind of cute, anyway.

Did I mention the flakey? I was so amazed. I’ve been brainwashed by grocery store pies.

cheery cherry

Please note that this slice was the second (messy plate); photo taken before the addition of a scoop of Hagen-Daas Half-fat Vanilla (which is very good!).

Now I can think about is pie.







9 responses to “cheery cherry”

  1. maria Avatar

    That pie looks great! I wish I could get fresh Montmorency cherries here–I have to rely on the jarred ones from Trader Joe’s. (Still better than pie filling from a can.)

    America’s Test Kitchen recommends either using a food processor to make pie dough (I don’t have one), or freezing the butter and then grating it into the flour mixture. I’ve tried the grating thing, but I don’t think I let the butter freeze for long enough. My favorite new tool for this is a pastry blender with blades (as opposed to wires).

  2. Vanessa (Australia) Avatar
    Vanessa (Australia)

    Mmm….extra yum!!!

    Can I just say that it’s been such a visual delight to see the fruit & veg farm pics from you, Lolly & fig&plum. SO MUCH YUMMINESS! Makes me anticipate summer here so much more. Although the magnolia trees are starting to bloom at the moment. That’s something that always marks a special wintery moment for me :-)

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Mmm, that looks yummy, and your pie is NOT ugly at all! It looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the crust recipe. I’ll have to try that . . .

  4. Protagitron Avatar

    Oh my, that looks so good. And with your own cherries too. Damn. I’m clipping the recipe from that blog.
    Although I’m generally with you on Pie v. Cake.

  5. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Oh, lordy, I LOVE pie! Especially cherry. That looks so incredible!

  6. Chelsea Avatar

    I think the easiest way to roll out pie dough is between two pieces of wax paper. It makes it a lot easier to transfer to your pie plate.

    Hmmm…I have some frozen fruit I need to use before I move. I think I need pie.

  7. gleek Avatar

    oh man, now all i can think about is pie with ice cream!

  8. Knittripps Avatar

    Yum! That is a very good looking pie. Pie always makes me think of coffee and pie and the tv series Twin Peaks. I could go for a piece of pie right now.

  9. michelle Avatar

    mmm pie…

    if you have some cherries left over i recommend jam. i made some with strawberries&blueberries&sour cherries which was incredible and as a bonus if you drain it for a more chunky jam you can use the rest as a coulis for future pie&ice cream combos.

    or cake.

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