Category: teaching

  • a rainy Friday

    I started a pair of mitts in the same pattern as my peeries hat, but it was too small even for my tiny wrists! If it had been the same number of stitches in straight stockinette or ribbing it would’ve been fine, but stranded colourwork alwyays decreases the stretchiness and inner circumferences of the piece […]

  • Currently On My Needles

    I cast on a few new projects to take with me to Rhinebeck! Of course, I have more WIPs (works in progress) than just these, but most of those are currently in time-out… I’ve been loving all the swingy, fun tunic tops that have been available lately. They’re perfect to wear with leggings (long enough […]

  • an out of town gig

    On Saturday I hopped a Greyhound and headed out to New Hamburg, ON (halfway between Kitchener and Stratford) to teach a class at Shall We Knit? Timing was a bit tight what with the bus getting into Kitchener (very sketchy bus stop, that Sportsworld) at 11:30 and the class starting at 12, but everything worked […]