an out of town gig

On Saturday I hopped a Greyhound and headed out to New Hamburg, ON (halfway between Kitchener and Stratford) to teach a class at Shall We Knit?

Timing was a bit tight what with the bus getting into Kitchener (very sketchy bus stop, that Sportsworld) at 11:30 and the class starting at 12, but everything worked out. We did a top-down mini sock with a short row heel with Magic Loop. All the students were great, although the conference room we were in was a bit tight for 11 people!

After the class I wandered about the shop, which is really lovely – bright, lots of beautiful yarn, lots of interesting stuff (“giftware”). I picked up quite a pile of yarn!

Some Debbie Bliss Chunky Tweed for a sweatercoat:

debbie bliss chunky tweed

There wasn’t quite enough of the brown, so I got a bit of blue for a contrast colour.

Some super duper soft Mirasol bamboo/alpaca for a slouchy hat:

mirasol q'ina

And some gorgeous little bits of loveliness – Koigu mill ends! I love the colours all together. I’m thinking either a colourwork cowl or maybe the yoke of a sweater. I do have quite a bit of other bits and pieces of Koigu so there’d be a bunch to choose from!

koigu mill ends

One other thing I picked up at the shop, non-yarn:

V&A vacuum flask

It’s a V&A printed vacuum flask. I’m not sure what I’ll put in it, probably just water (since that’s what I drink mostly!) although it might be a bit of hassle what with there being two lids, the cup and the vacuum seal. At any rate, it’s awesomely pretty.

Then I got a ride back to Kitchener to get on the bus and come home. I may not have left the shop with much money after picking up all this yummy yarn, and I may have spent over three hours on various forms of transit that day, but it was really fun. And if Shall We Knit was closer I’d totally shop there!



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11 responses to “an out of town gig”

  1. Whistlepea Avatar

    My inlaws used to love near New Hamburg but I never knew about the shop. Darnit!

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I could be wrong, but I’m guessing you spent more on purchases at the yarn shop than you earned for teaching – what sounds like – a fabulous knitting class. LOVE the yarns and the flask.

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Scrumptious looking yarn!

  4. Seanna Lea Avatar

    That sounds like a great shop, but I’m partial to any place with the tweedy yarns. They give so much visual interest to an otherwise simple knit!

  5. Kessa Avatar

    Great looking yarns! I really like the tweed you picked out. Love the flask too!

  6. Caitlin Avatar

    I love Shall We Knit! My sister who lives in Stratford took me there. There’s a great cafe/resto around the corner too, for next time…

  7. FairySari Avatar

    Oh I was in Kitchener with nothing to do on Saturday, I should have come to the meet & greet part at least. Oh, and the downtown Kitchener bus terminal isn’t so sketchy, I didn’t even know it stopped at Sportsworld.

  8. Cheryl Avatar

    That is a stunning flask!

    I love V&A prints, they’re so beautiful. They do amazing cards too.

  9. Jessica Kaufman Avatar

    Ooh, that flask is super gorgeous! And I think 2009 should totally be the Year of the Yoked Sweater.

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