a rainy Friday


I started a pair of mitts in the same pattern as my peeries hat, but it was too small even for my tiny wrists! If it had been the same number of stitches in straight stockinette or ribbing it would’ve been fine, but stranded colourwork alwyays decreases the stretchiness and inner circumferences of the piece with all those floats.


Here’s a picture of the finished hat that…is kind of terrible. My head isn’t shaped well for this style of hat, plus it’s a medium and I wear a large! (I have big hair AND a big head.) I promise to get MUCH better photos before I release the pattern ;)

I’m off to the train station shortly to head to Prince Edward County for the Wool & Wine in the County Retreat! Send me some good travel vibes? Despite the amount of travelling it looks like I do, I actually get pretty anxious and nervous about leaving my house, especially on my own! Eeep!



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2 responses to “a rainy Friday”

  1. Sue Avatar

    Safe Journey kiddo and have a blast!

  2. Diane Fuller Avatar
    Diane Fuller

    Sending the best of vibes! You’ll be fine. Just like knitting (and everything else) the more you do it, the better you get. Looking forward to the hat pattern.

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