new skeins

I forgot to share my purchases from Verb in Oakland! One of the “reasons” I “had” to buy stuff was to pay Denny for her excellent sample knitting.


She got some fancy yarn…


And some fancy fabric! Khadi cotton and cotton grown by Sally Fox! I’m pretty sure Denny’s already knit and sewn up all this stuff by now ;)


I got just a yard of this wide naturally-dyed linen – I think it’ll be enough for a longish sleeveless top. And a little yarn, of course! I also picked up Sonya Phillips’ Dress No 3 pattern, since she had picked us up from the hotel to go to Verb it seemed like the right thing to do.

More new skeins, a few that I spun up in July. It’s a good thing I wasn’t reeeeally doing the Tour de Fleece because this is all I managed.


Top: Polwarth in Flintstoner from Indigodragonfly
Middle: BFL-silk in a colour way I can’t remember, also from Indigodragonfly
Bottom: Polwarth/silk in Reverberate (OOAK) from Pigeonroof Studios

For all of these, I split the top lengthwise down the middle and spun each half onto a separate bobbin, because mine don’t quite hold a full 4oz. Then once all the singles were done, I used the jumbo plying head on my Lendrum to chain-ply them, joining the two bobbins’ worth and hopefully keeping the colours nicely intact.

I’m planning to put up some handspun for sale soon so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

Recent Finds

I met up with Denny at the Textile Museum’s “More than just a yardage sale” on Friday and found some great stuff! See previous years’ haul posts here and here!

Usually the sale is held partly in the building and partly in tents in the adjacent parking lot – but the lot was filled with huge production vehicles, probably for the Suicide Squad movie filming here. They moved the whole sale inside and it was INSANE. If you’ve ever been before, you know that it’s already a crowded affair. It was even worse inside! But people are (mostly) polite and want to work together to keep the cash line moving and such.


Fewer purchases than previous years, but I have more fabric than time to sew, so…


Wool-ish plaid flannel, a little over 2m.


Crinkly cotton, nearly 4m – more than enough for a dress! Maybe lined with voile since it’s a little sheer? (Look at me, talking about making dresses like I’ve ever sewn a successful one.)


Jersey, 2m! I’m always on the lookout for decent jersey. This one has a bit of a slub to it, feels like it might be wool.


Fun plaid – I didn’t notice this pulled section until I took it out to photograph, but I can work around it. The fabric is nice and light, maybe for a tank top?


Oooh pretty silk.


A couple of lining fabrics, because I always forget to buy them and then obviously I don’t have it when I want it! It’s pretty difficult to discern the type of fabric, but I tried to pick ones that had a good drape and smoothness and weren’t too crunchy.


Other bits – a little bit of Aida, an assortment of buttons (there was one real mother of pearl button in there along with the plastic ones!), a roll of ribbon and a tin. It does have the ‘decorative cams’ inside (for a sewing machine) but I really just bought it for the tin!


Then on Saturday I went to check out a yard sale up the street, and got this Sigma lens for $30! It doesn’t autofocus with my camera body, but that’s okay. I should probably practice my manual focusing, for fun at least.


Preliminary testing indicates nice photos! Happy marigolds.

So, a consumption-y post for sure, but at least everything is from a previous home. I’m usually pretty bad at finding cool things at the thrift shop, yard sales, on the street (and have friends who are awesome at it), so it was really pretty satisfying to come up with some gems this time.

sewing for jess

Awhile ago my friend Jess lamented on Twitter that she had all these lovely fabrics from her travels in India but no time to sew it up, what with two little ones! So I volunteered to take the fabric and turn it into a quilt for her (with the understanding that it might take a long time…).

There are quite a few different fabrics and different weights – some are pretty thin – so I decided to just do a simple patchwork top with strip piecing. I cut strips 6.5″ (the width of the quilting ruler) x width of fabric, mixed them all up and went for it.

This Postage Stamp tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts was great – I’ve always been a bit willy-nilly with my seam allowances but this time I was determined to do it Properly.

sewing for Jess!

My points actually mostly match!

sewing for Jess!

Alternating seam allowances!

sewing for Jess!

I sewed up a storm this weekend and finished the top, which is quite huge, for a queen sized bed. Next up I need to figure out what to do for the back – I’m thinking stripes rather than blocks.

Reading: Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer. It’s the third book in a trilogy and I’m really enjoying it! Fast and very mysterious.