byebye kaua’i, hello big island!

I have to pay for internet here (booo, hiss) so I probably won’t be online much this week. But I wanted to check in!

On Tuesday we went to the Hanalei farmer’s market, which was awesome!

because people are impatient

I bought some local goat cheese, some spices, a really good little low-acid white pineapple, and some local honey to take home.

yummy cheese, honey, baked goods

My sisters bought chocolate dipped frozen bananas! Yummy.

chocolate dipped frozen bananas

Near the end of our time in Kaua’i we…took a trip to Costco. Didn’t buy much, which was good considering that we were leaving! Then a stop by the Waimea Falls on the way home, which are apparently the falls from the opening of Fantasy Island?

fun with slow shutters

(I was having fun taking photos at various shutter speeds. This is relatively low, so the water is blurry. I like it!)

We did a little more shopping in Hanalei, and briefly checked out the Kilauea Lighthouse from afar – couldn’t be bothered to actually go through the wildlife refuge and such!

Kilauea Lighthouse

And I made my mark on an autograph tree.

making my mark

We haven’t seen much of the Big Island yet, but it definitely has a really different landscape from Kaua’i! Lava fields and such. I haven’t taken many photos yet, but we can see the ocean from our window and it’s really quite nice.

kona coast

Today we’re headed out to the national volcanoes park – should be interesting, but it’s a 3-hour drive which I’m not that into!



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6 responses to “byebye kaua’i, hello big island!”

  1. Eve Avatar

    Be sure to check out the observatory on Mauna Kea!

  2. The Knitting Archaeologist Avatar

    But, three hour drive, equals three hours of craft time!

  3. kelly jo Avatar

    I have the same pictures of the lighthouse and falls (and I’m sure a million other people do too!). Everything there is so beautiful! If you head out to the flowing lava, take LOTS of water – the sulphur can be so hard on you. Getting good pics of the flowing lava is fun, especially at night!

  4. miss ewe Avatar

    Wow. Those frozen bananas are so Arrested Development! Looks beautiful there.

  5. mai Avatar

    i’m glad you’re having such a great time! i’ve only ever been to the big island, but i had SUCH a blast! how long are you gone altogether?

  6. darlene Avatar

    we watched whales from the Kilauea lighthouse. Our girls were really into sea turtles and whales. Love to hear more about big island.

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