busy, mimi, did I mention busy?

Not much new around here – I didn’t make my self-imposed deadline on the knee socks, so since that’s passed I obviously haven’t worked on them at all! I do want to finish up the current socks though, so I can get some new ones on the needles.

This is what I worked on ALL DAY yesterday while chilling with Stephanie – it’s Amy’s mimi verylong. I cast on fewer stitches for a narrower scarf. There’s quite a lot of it, but all the photos were crappy. Better photos when it’s done.

I’m using my own handdyed, handspun merino! Exciting, and sooo soft. Mmmm.

What else…I bought a bit of new yarn! It’s Elann’s Highland Silk, which is 80% wool and 20% silk. I got enough of the Oxblood (right) for a sweater, and just one ball of the Ruby to check out the colour (it’s a nice, bright Christmas-y red).

Elann has Rowan Cork up now – I want some really badly, but no! Must not buy yarn!

P.S. Winter IK preview is up!

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2 responses to “busy, mimi, did I mention busy?”

  1. amyKnitty Avatar

    man, that looks GOOD! that’s exactly what that pattern is best for — interesting yarn with character. can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Ariane Avatar

    Congratulatious on your pretty handspun yarn! I like the stitch pattern you’re using.

    I took a brief look at the Rowan Cork before remembering that I have, oh, 33 balls in my stash from a 90% (!) off sale. I used up a few in the start of a sweater that I have yet to finish, but it’s not really needed that much, I just couldn’t resist sale ROWAN yarn. I think all of them cost me like $20 or something ridiculously cheap like that.

    How do you like the Highland Silk? It looks great.

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