blue ombre


So I had this idea for a scarf a week or two ago, searched for a stitch pattern, played around with some yarn…and it didn’t work. Rip rip rip.

But! Then I had another idea and worked up the swatch above.



Almost done, now!



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11 responses to “blue ombre”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    So pretty! Are you holding two different yarns together to get the subtle colour change? I eagerly await the pattern!

  2. Saffron Avatar

    Oh goodness, that is beautiful – both the yarn and the pattern.

  3. Julie Avatar

    I LOVE the ombre effect!!! looks amazing in those shades of blue.

  4. jane Avatar

    That is gorgeous! You do take the best photos, too :)

  5. Craftydogs Avatar

    That looks brilliant. Well Done.

  6. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I want to steal that scarf. It’s in all of my favorite shades of blue!

    Instead, I’ll be good and just make moon eyes and that gorgeous scarf on my monitor.

  7. Annelie Avatar

    That is so pretty! And the colours, just gorgeous.

  8. Hannah Avatar

    Very pretty! I definitely need to get me a blue scarf!

  9. Lesa Avatar

    OMG! I love that yarn! What is it? I want to make a scarf too. Gorgeous!

  10. Wendolene Avatar

    I’m intrigued–it looks like a side-to-side scarf. Although I’ve never done one of those, they look like fun!

  11. whitney Avatar

    Gorgeous. I love the way the blues shift.

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