big red hat, and other quick knits

I suck at hats. Really, I do. I have a big head and big hair, and what with dry heated air and static and all, I mostly just can’t be arsed to wear a hat. I keep buying hats, and making them, and wearing them once before giving up on them. I’m really more of an earmuffs gal. If I’m wearing one, it must be really, really cold outside.

But! This year I have made a hat that I think I really will wear.

big red hat

big red hat

It’s a simple pattern I whipped up for lettuce knit, along the same lines as our easy chunky mitts. I hardly ever use anything thicker than worsted weight to knit with, so it was really fun to pick up this stash skein (Malabrigo Rasta in Ravelry Red) and knit with the big needles.

big red hat

big red hat

The patterns for the lettuce knit bulky hat and chunky mitts are available through Ravelry for just $2 each!

(And they make fabulous, quick gifts!)



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4 responses to “big red hat, and other quick knits”

  1. Andrea Rangel Avatar

    Such a sweet hat! I love the simple but effective use of Rasta.

  2. SplitStitch Avatar

    I know what you mean! I also have big hair, especially on the first day after washing, and I am constantly buying or making hats, then stuffing or giving them away. I’ve been enjoying trying out slouchy hats, but maybe a bulky hat is the key! Yours is adorable, you should make more and wear more. :o)

  3. Cambria Washington Avatar

    I also struggle with hats, but keep knitting them, lol. I’ve got long, thick, curly hair so three different fit issues. Bulky, slouchy tams seem to be the trick (or a neck warmer worn on my head with my hair hanging out the other end, lol). This is a great use for Rasta and I might just try it out :)

  4. Bonnie Avatar

    I think the hat looks great! It’s a beautiful color, and it really shines in stockinette. I hope you wear it a lot!

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