Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! I had a pretty good birthday, with lots of presents to myself.

New workstation! Still working on getting it set up – restoring from Time Machine is being a bit finicky. Might have to do a computer-to-computer transfer instead.

plastic still on

A free-to-me piano! Needs work, but it really belongs to one of the guys that lives upstairs from me. Just somewhere to keep it until he has somewhere else to put it – in the meanwhile, once the innards come back from the piano repairman, I’ll be playing it all. the. time.


And this week, I’ve been crocheting. I’d kind of forgotten that crochet really is awesome.

hexagon, side 1

the beginnings of obsession

4 Responses to “back at the hook”

  1. Therese

    Any particular reason that your workstation says “welcome” in swedish?

  2. Bruxa

    Wow! It seems I missed your b-day! Anyway, happy -belated- birthday Laura! And that’s an AMAZING machine, I’m telling you… I’m just in love with my iMac :)

    @Therese that’s the animation effect all Macs play when they’re turned on for the first time. It says “welcome” in a bunch of languages.

  3. Christina

    Crochet is amazing, but especially in the cool colors and patterns you choose. I just discovered your blog, and I look forward to following your work!


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