A knitter caught a chart boo-boo in B-Side – some wrong side knit stitches are missing from the chart. If you just knit the wrong side rows as the stitches appear, you’ll be fine, but if you’re following stitch by stitch, there are some missing stitches. A corrected version has been sent out to everyone who bought the pattern straight through Paypal, and the corrected version is also now available on Ravelry for download by everyone who bought it through there. Oops!

I must say I don’t have all that much going on around here. More weaving, knitting on the cashmere sweater (which is getting closer to completion, but it just looks all bunched up right now), a bit of sock knitting.

jojoland sock

I’m almost up to the heel on the first jojoland melody sock (the one I’m knitting on 1.5 mm). Booooring. But at least it’s a nice small project to carry around.

pretty pretty stitch markers

I got these pretty pretty stitch markers from my friend rachel m – she’s selling other pretty pretty stitch markers, earrings, and bracelets (with more to come) up on her etsy shop! Go look and buy! I shall be adding them to my various projects immediately.

Well, since I don’t really have anything else, maybe I can pick your collective brains about cameras – I want to buy a DSLR, I’m ready to take the plunge! But what to get? The Canon XTi is mega-popular (especially among knitbloggers, it seems) and a good price. My little point and shoot is Canon and I love it.

But I’m leaning more towards a Nikon for this one – the D40 is supercheap, compact, and I have a couple friends who are really happy with theirs. I think the one I really want right now is the D60. It’s a little more expensive, but not any more than the Rebel was a couple months ago (when I was contemplating buying one). I’m not sure though!

Any thoughts, opinions to help me make up my mind?

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  1. Anna

    don’t bother with the d60, just get a d40.

    see this website for some interesting info (i’m not affilitated with it): http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d60.htm

    he reviews many many cameras, and is (at least) another opinion. i found many website reviews of the various cameras to be useless because everyone was like “this is my first dslr and it is so great” which doesn’t help that much…

    anyway, good luck.

  2. andrea

    Thanks for posting this since I am currently going through the SAME EXACT internal debate over whether to get the canon or nikon slr. I think I might be leaning towards a Nikon since I have had a Nikon Coolpix 5700 for almost 7 years and it is amazing. I would love to hear what you end up with. I’ll keep you posted on my choice too.

  3. Bertha

    I have a D40 and I love it. I’d like to pick up a couple better lenses for it in time, but the lens that comes with it is fine for everyday use and I really like the camera itself.

  4. Shelley

    The Nikon is great! Go for the D40. I agree with the previous post – don’t bother with the D60. If you’re going to do that then you might as well go up to the D80.

    The Ken Rockwell reviews are helpful.

    We’ve had our Nikon SLR for almost a year now and have absolutely no complaints.

  5. Grace

    I have the D40x (same size as D40 but more megapixels. 10!) and I love it! I have small hands and while the D60 is not much bigger than the D40, it did feel bulkier. I got mine as a package deal from Costco (you might want to check their online store for deals) and got two lenses (one regular 35-80 and one zoom 55-200). It is a great camera!

  6. Julia

    Hi! I recently ordered your Bside pattern (love it!) from Ravelry. How do I get the corrected version? Thanks!

  7. heather

    Hi, First time commenter, while-long reader. I love your weaving, it’s beautiful. I have to put a good word in for the Nikon D-40. It’s an excellent, durable, easy to learn camera with lots of affordable lens options. I have regrets about not waiting for the D-60 to become more affordable, but alas, I loves me my D-40.
    Good luck!

  8. Alison

    Have you looked at the Sony alpha DSLRs? They’re descended from the Minolta brand, and they have image stabilisation built into the camera body itself. This means you don’t have to spend buckets getting expensive stabilised lenses, like some of the other brands. Very easy to use, too – I inherited one after my husband upgraded to a newer model :-) and love it.

  9. lovemybordercollies

    My Hunny got himself a Rebel a few months back, and the photographs he’s been able to take with it are so gorgeous! He’s even got it set up so that it takes three photos at one click of the button. One photo is taken at his setting, then one setting above and one below is also shot to allow for lighting errors.

  10. Kris

    I recently took the plunge and stepped up from my Nikon Coolpix 8800 to a Nikon D80 and I LOVE it!! I did a lot of research and the Nikon was rated slightly higher than the Canon. I got it as part of a great package including two Tamron lenses and a bunch of other accessories–it was through an Ebay shop (everything was new and under warranty).

  11. Kelley

    I have a D40 and I love it. It’s easy to use. I think the thing that swung Nikon over Canon for me was the ability to manually focus (I could be remembering wrong, but I think the Canon has 7 focus points, but no manual option). I do recommend getting the really expensive extra lens — we got one for zooming in, but there’s a slightly more expensive one that zooms in and out. It’s on our to-get list.

    Good luck!

  12. Monica

    I have the Nikon D40 and it’s great! It’s pretty light compared to the Rebel which is great for walking around and taking pics.

  13. Carie

    My point and shoot is a Nikon S1 and it’s wonderful so I would imagine that the D40 is good too. I’ve never tried a Canon though so I can’t compare

  14. sari

    i have a nikon D50 and i LOVE it. the camera is great. i also have a tamron 24-200 lens, which is pretty good except that sometimes it gets a little fussy with the autofocus and does not work right. its a great versatile lens though, other than the fussiness.
    the nikon D50 though, i would absolutely reccomend it. it is great. (and if you are thinking about getting a photo printer – i got an epson picture mate “free” with my D50, and that is also great.)

  15. Knittripps

    I made the choice to upgrade to a digital SLR. I went with the D40. It was on sale on Amazon and I got a good price. So far I’m very happy with it. I decided to take a photography class at the local art center to learn more. If I get more serious, years down the road I may buy something else. But for the price, I think it is a great place to start!

  16. Claire

    I recommend the D40. I’ve been a Nikon users since the ol’ film days. I got my first in 2000 and haven’t looked back. I have a friend who is a professional (www.evanbaines.com) and I get a chance to play with his Cannon’s. I find them very large and hard to handle for small hands. My D40 is very light had is small enough to stuff in my “big” purse. Nikon is also one of the worlds best optics makers. I’ll link my flickr to my blog so you can check out the other d40 pics. I don’t have photoshop so they are all un-edited.

  17. Amy

    I just got the D60. So far I love it. I debated on the D40, D60 and D80 but went for the middle one. So far it has been easy to use. I can’t wait until I have more time to use it.

  18. Robyn Red Bird

    I bought a D70S (now discontinued and replaced by the D40 I think) for myself and a D80 for my son and we both love them. Mine is completely wonderful although when DS upgrades to the D200 or D300 I want his D80!

  19. Stéphanie

    I just bought some earrings from your friend. She’s got some lovely stuff !

  20. Heather

    Well, I am a Canon gal myself. My mom’s boyfriend has a Rebel XTI and it is a nice little camera. You can manually focus with Canon as well as with a Nikon. I think really its where your heart is. I have always shot with Canons so when I went digital I stayed with Canon because I could use my lens. Since you use a point and shoot that really is a mute point. One of my best friends uses Nikon and she has a D40 and loves it.

    The main thing to consider is what kind of card do you use now for your camera, is there a DSLR that uses the same card? You can save yourself a bit of money if you can reuse your cards, just make sure to format them for your new camera.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents. BTW if you are interested in a D60 you should check out Nikon’s site, they are giving one away.

  21. Erica

    I have a D40 and love it. I just got the Nikon 18-200 mm lens for it (my trip to Italy justified it, LOL), and I can’t say enough nice things about it. Small enough to carry and fit in my hands, easy to learn to use, and it takes great pictures.

    And if you happen to be interested in a Nikon D80 with the 18-200 lens, I happen to know someone who’s selling a lightly used one…

    Great stitch markers, btw.

  22. jaya

    I’m a little late, but I’m a Nikon girl, through and through. Though I still suggest going to a real store and handling both cameras, you may find that you like the menu system on one more than the other.

  23. stinkerbell

    I am a bit of a Nikon girl, but have shot Canon and Nikon really I do believe that the Nikon D60 is well better than Rebel XTI. But at the end of the day go hold them in your hand and look at how they feel in hand and which feels more intuitive. That is going to mean more than the price difference- promise :)


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