an afternoon with denny

Denny came over today for some fibrey fun! She brought her warping mill for me to borrow/keep, and showed me how to use it:

And I gave her an email tutorial.

I wove! It’s a looong way from perfect, but whatever. Fun!

It’s…I dunno, a scarf or something. Long. All cotton, white with pink stripes. We wound two more warps, much wider ones, so those will be the next couple projects.

And Denny took some photos of my latest finished dress – don’t mind the blurry, you get the idea, right?

Pattern is McCall’s 5137.
Fabric: “Carmen Paisley” in brown from Reprodepot; brown cotton twill from Fabricland. The paisley is really light and gauzey, and has a ripple texture. I thought the twill might be too heavy (especially doubled for the neckband and waist) but it gives the garment some good weight.

Thoughts on the pattern – well, I think there are some unnecessary seams. You could cut the back bodice and centre back skirt panel on the fold and eliminate those seams. And it’s very low cut! I made the size 8 on the recommendation of Erin from A Dress a Day, and it fits fine. Very comfy.

I decided not to do doubled sleeve ends and just did a normal hem around the sleeve. There’s supposed to be an extra panel at the bottom of the skirt, but I nixed that too and just hemmed. All in all the pattern was fairly straightforward.

Now I’m all tempted to buy more of that paisley!



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17 responses to “an afternoon with denny”

  1. Dani Avatar

    oooo, I am jealous! I want to weave!

    The dress looks great Laura

  2. Rachel H Avatar
    Rachel H

    Yay! You wove! Very cool.

    Denny’s looking at the computer pretty sceptically. How’d the email lesson go? does her computer know its mommy now?

  3. dennymcmillan Avatar

    Hell no I went and got the G-MALE. for my G—- . Never mind. I’m going to try to play with it today.After shoppingcookingworkingchildminding. Crap. Tired all ready

  4. dennymcmillan Avatar

    Crap Dani what you doing up so early, those are “landscaper” hours girl.

    P.S. We’ll get ya going on the loom, hold tight.

  5. Jen Avatar

    Denny does this mean you went and got a whole new email addy?

  6. bekka Avatar

    your dress turned out nicely. i have that pattern, but haven’t found the right fabric yet.

  7. maggie Avatar

    very pretty dress :D

  8. Miss Twiss Avatar

    Your dress is very au courrant.

  9. Lee Ann Avatar

    I love the picture of Denny looking askance at the computer. It reminds me of Juno’s cat trying to figure out if the people on the screen are also behind the screen…

    And you wove! Excellent! The looms are falling! The looms are falling!

    (I’m knittin’ me a hardhat.)

  10. Peggy Avatar

    The dress is beautiful. It looks like something they sell at Holts.

  11. Macoco Avatar

    The dress came out beautifully! I love the brown trim. Your weaving looks great too – could it be a small table runner of sorts?

  12. dennymcmillan Avatar

    I got the E-MALE , G- MALE , and god knows what, I’m looking at my white box like that cause Laura got the f**king porn off. Hey Laura spinning next week at S&B ??

    Lets have a little informal(sp?) spin-in on the 23 of august…..

    who game?


  13. dennymcmillan Avatar


    thanks laura

  14. Julie Avatar

    Nice to see you last night, Laura. Here’s the site to the LA designer I was telling you about, Geren Ford:

    Inspiration for more sewing projects!

  15. Joan Avatar

    Love the new layout. And the dress.

  16. jen Avatar

    Love the dress! I’d seen in in a Hancocks fabric flyer and was planning to go buy the pattern this weekend! Hope mine turns out as nice as yours did!

  17. Anna Avatar

    I love your duro dress! I have the pattern & fabric but I’m a brand new sewer (just finished my first WEARABLE skirt) and I’m nervous about tackling a whole dress!

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