YIP: February 16

I managed to make up for lost time and then some – I’ve got one glove totally done, and the second is almost done the thumb gusset. Hooray!

And, ahem, I maaaay have started a sweater yesterday. Maybe.

7 Responses to “a whole lotta glove”

  1. britt

    maybe…the suspense. can’t wait to see what you are designing this time. i am correct in guessing that it is your own design??

  2. Heather

    Holy cow, is that 17.5 INCHES of glove? Because that does not look like a centimetre ruler to me. *boggle*

    I was inspired by your earlier post to do up some liners for my mittens. :) I’m using leftover bits of sock yarn, and I’m doing them detached from the outer mitts because I’m not sure how the length will match up yet. It seems to be going ok so far.


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