a secret xmas gift

If I see you in person, you might’ve heard me talk about this project – but since my handsome fella reads my Twitter and Facebook, and sometimes Flickr and this here blog, I couldn’t really talk about it online at all!

I saw this pattern ages ago, and since we’re both big fans of Futurama I decided I just had to make one for Christmas.

Bender Bending Rodriguez

Presenting…Bender Bending Rodriguez!

I super-sized him by using Berroco Vintage Chunky, though I did have to go down to a 3.25mm hook – apparently I crochet pretty loosely! The fabric is really nice and solid though, which is what I was going for. I’m not a big crocheter but I do know my way around pretty well, and I found the pattern pretty easy to follow despite the lack of actual instructions!

I made a pile of pieces.


I also decided to make a wire armature for inside him, so that the arms and legs would be posable – it didn’t turn out THAT amazing, but it’s pretty good for my first one! I made a skeleton out of thick beading wire, then wrapped it with some fiberfill and masking tape.



I cut circles of cardboard and laminated them with packing tape, and also taped down some little bags of decorative floral sand to make weights for the bottom of the feet.


He looked a little weird with a finished body but no arms or legs!

leg in progress

I crocheted the footcups and weighted them, then wrapped the wire legs in roving before sewing the top of the legs to the body. Pretty much the same thing with the arms. A bit of embroidery for his door, and the segments of his arms and legs, and I was pretty much done! Not that it wasn’t a lot of work – it was. But the end result was totally worth it!

Bender Bending Rodriguez

He got into a lot of trouble around my apartment. I think he discovered the whisky shelf.

up to no good

He can be pretty helpful though!

Bender Bending Rodriguez

And he dressed up really nicely for Christmas!

Xmas Bender

And the reaction when the boyfriend opened his present? Amazing. He had no idea! Of course, he was appropriately impressed by my mad crafting skills. I’m a little impressed with myself!







25 responses to “a secret xmas gift”

  1. Allison Avatar

    Very cute photos! I love that your whisky shelf is right above your knitting book shelf.

  2. Triona Avatar

    That is RIDICULOUSLY cute. Hubby and I are also big Futurama fans (really enjoyed the season of new episodes!), so I might have to learn to crochet just so I can make him a Bender.

  3. Elizabeth Avatar

    Hilariously cute! I love the way you can pose him. Everyone should have a crocheted action figure.

  4. Beverly Avatar

    I don’t even know what Futurama is, (sorry!) but I think you’re Bender is so adorable! I’m very impressed with the skeleton and how you can pose him. I love the action shots…knitting, getting into the whiskey, even his formal Christmas photo. So cute! I’m sure your boyfriend was thrilled.

  5. Hannah B Avatar
    Hannah B

    Wow, I don’t think I fully understood what you meant by super-size until I saw the picture of him on the bookcase. Very nice! I am impressed.

  6. rubbishknitter Avatar

    that is freakinawesome, i want one. The whisky photo is the best evah, love the way the scale makes the miniature look like a litre bottle in Bender’s world!

    very interesting description of the wire skeleton too, i have kind of attempted a half-arsed version of this before using straightened paperclips, but beading wire and masking tape is a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing.

  7. Julia in KW Avatar
    Julia in KW

    Very very cute! Now I have to make sure that my son never sees your blog or he’ll be asking for one…and I DON’T crochet – even a chain is a stretch for me! ;)

  8. Carolina Avatar

    I’m very impressed! He is about the cutest thing ever…very clever of you to make a wire model.

  9. April Avatar

    Awesome! I’m tempted to learn enough crochet to make one for myself now. The wire body is a great addition and strong enough to make him stand up straight. Definitely going to have to remember this for later.

  10. Audry Avatar

    I’ve been thinking about making myself a Bender for awhile now. But I’m sure all my beer would disappear if I left him at home alone.
    I love seeing how you pieced Bender together.

  11. Maryse Avatar

    Awesome! Love the teeth! ;-)

  12. Karen Avatar

    Awesome!! What an amazing gift! Yay for a bendy Bender!

  13. Ruth Avatar


  14. Lauren Avatar

    AWESOME. I love it. I have seen that pattern but am a hopeless crocheter :-) Way to go with all the details, and adding the wire frame! Smart.

  15. Jane Avatar

    He does look pretty boss now that he’s done. Glad the fella liked him. :D

  16. Julia Avatar

    Dear jebus Laura, that is fabulous! Way to make Bender bend!

  17. Dina Avatar

    I love it! A Bender that can bend and stand up–looks great!

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  19. Emma Avatar

    I love it! So cool! :)

  20. Dani Avatar

    That, my friend, is amazeballs.

  21. MmmYarn Avatar

    “Bender is great! Bender is great!” (At least, I think this is an actual Bender quote.) Seriously, your Bender is indeed great. Good job! I really like the photo of him on the booze shelf.

  22. Romi Avatar

    Words cannot express how much I LOVE Bender. I must have Bender.

  23. Anna Avatar

    Haha, far too awesome!

  24. aplayfulday Avatar

    I chuckled when I saw this- naught bot getting into your whiskey!

  25. Susan Avatar

    Love how he can bend… he’s 5% beading wire!

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