A Quilt for Yvonne

Well, for Yvonne’s baby, anyway!

I started this quilt at the beginning of July. I’d seen this image on Pinterest in May or so, and had been waiting for the pattern to come out on the Robert Kaufman website – but it never did! I downloaded this image from their website in May, and it’s all disappeared now. Mysterious!


So since I didn’t have a pattern to work from, I just made a go of it from the photo. I ordered a couple of charm packs (5″ squares) and a neutrals pack of Kona cotton from Mad About Patchwork and got to it, trying to substitute colours just based on how the photo looked.

crystal systems quilt in progress

crystal systems quilt in progress

I did post some photos along the way on my Instagram but I did want it to be a surprise, which is why I didn’t blog about it. My half square triangles are…not very precise. But I’m really proud anyway. I used the machine to piece this one! I worked in strips…

crystal systems quilt in progress

…then got the patterned part of the top together.

crystal systems quilt in progress

Then I decided it was a little too small – I was working with 5″ charm squares, but the original must have been done with bigger squares to end up at 48″. Mine was at about 30″ square here.

I picked up some solid grey for a border, and a cool grey stripe for the backing, at the workroom. I think they grey border really makes the colours pop!


crystal systems quilt in progress

crystal systems quilt!

I got started on the hand quilting before we left for Vancouver, but got maybe halfway through before we went on vacation. Luckily I had enough time to finish in time for the baby shower once we got back! Of course I had to go out to the workroom again for the binding – Lizzy House’s pearl bracelets! I think it’s perfect.

crystal systems quilt!

I finished a few days before the shower (whew) so I washed the quilt and dried it out in the sun, and had time to make a simple embroidered label too.

Beauty shots! Finished size was about 38″ square.

crystal systems quilt!

crystal systems quilt!

crystal systems quilt!

quilt back

crystal systems quilt!

Of course the best part was watching her open it.

adorable yvonne

adorable yvonne

Best wishes Yvonne, Jeremy and Baby! We love you and of course we’ll babysit.



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12 responses to “A Quilt for Yvonne”

  1. Yvonne Avatar

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this amazingly beautiful and thoughtful gift. It will be cherished forever! <3

  2. hamilton chicklets Avatar

    Laura, this is gorgeous! I agree that the grey border and the pearl bracelet binding totally make the colourful quilt top pop!

  3. Stephanie Avatar

    It’s GORGEOUS. What a lucky mom and baby.

  4. whitney Avatar

    That’s a gorgeous quilt!!

  5. Tanis Avatar

    Wow! Such a beautiful baby quilt. The recipient must have been completely blow away! I know I would be. Love it!

  6. Carie Avatar

    Oh that’s gorgeous – the baby is going to love watching all those different colours – I wonder why they never published the pattern, it seems like it would be incredibly popular and you’ve done a great job of matching it by eye!

  7. Melissa Avatar

    It’s beautiful, Laura! You did a great job on adapting the pattern.

  8. marieka Avatar

    Oh, that is lovely. What wonderful vibrant colours. I like the hand quilting more than the original pattern’s machine quilting.

  9. carol Avatar

    It’s just plain beautiful!!!

  10. Judy Avatar

    Wow! You did an amazing job of this quilt. What a great gift.

  11. Denise L. Avatar
    Denise L.

    Absolutely stunning!

  12. Phoe Avatar

    That turned out wonderfully well!

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