a picture-heavy problem

I finished the main knitting on the Fiery Bolero – only the ribbing is left.

Not bad, eh? Well see that line of stitch markers on the right?

That’s how much I need to take off the sleeves. The sleeves are too long – my mom wanted short sleeves, and these are elbow-length without the ribbing! And since the whole piece is knit up the back, cast on for the sleeves, and down the fronts, there’s almost no way to rip back (I sure ain’t ripping all the way to the back).

You know what that means…STEEK TIME!

I’m going to use crochet steeks. I practiced on a swatch last night – forgive the photo quality, it was late.

I have realized, of course, that since this one is for my mom – it isn’t due until Christmas Day. Other presents will have to be exchanged before then, therefore this one’s getting backburnered for awhile! Too many other things to knit!

I did start another present – a fantastically gorgeous sock out of Ultramerino 6.

It’s on 3.25 mm needles and I loooove it – that sock is already done! DK weight socks rock!



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8 responses to “a picture-heavy problem”

  1. Julia Avatar

    God, I love that sock colorway, it’s all desert-y. Mmm… =)

  2. Jill Avatar

    Laura, I’m glad you posted a picture of the sock since I was interested to see what the heel looked like after we discussed it on the phone today – it looks great! Very pretty.

  3. --Deb Avatar

    The sock looks gorgeous–the colors are so pretty, and they pool so very nicely. I haven’t tried DK weight socks . . . I know they’d knit faster, but I’m afraid I’d never get them to fit inside my shoes. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one one who tries new techniques on swatches first . . . your crocheted steek looks just marvelous. I’d say you’re ready for the real thing!

  4. Karma Avatar

    Wow, you’re really adventurous and fearless when it comes to bossing your knits around. I’m impressed! Also, love those socks.

  5. grumperina Avatar

    You are a very brave woman, and I would try to find a non-frogging way to fix the problem, too – good for you! Hopefully everything will work out fine when all is said and done ;). The sock is *gorgeous*!

  6. yahaira Avatar

    That sock is making me drool! Must get my hands on that colorway!!

    Great solution to the sleeve problem, you are such a brave and smart knitter

  7. Emy Avatar

    Good luck with steeking!

  8. Colleen Avatar

    I love that pooly, swirly sock!

    Congrats on a successful steeking experience.

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