Crap! I was up into the thumb gusset of my first glove (and at the end of the first ball of Baby Ull) when I discovered that the wrist is too big. I have puny wrists and hands, people.

So I just had to rip back 5 inches. Of fingering weight. In a glove which was over 17 inches long so far.

At least the good news is that I have to decrease more, and more quickly? Maybe it’ll go faster this time.

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  1. Maryse

    Isn’t undoing more stressful when we have a calendar to respect? I too had to restart my socks (just one inch) and I thought I was loosing too much time… I trust that you will do well! By the way, I love the color you chose, it must be tough on the eyes, but they will look stunning!


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