a minor setback

Crap! I was up into the thumb gusset of my first glove (and at the end of the first ball of Baby Ull) when I discovered that the wrist is too big. I have puny wrists and hands, people.

So I just had to rip back 5 inches. Of fingering weight. In a glove which was over 17 inches long so far.

At least the good news is that I have to decrease more, and more quickly? Maybe it’ll go faster this time.



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4 responses to “a minor setback”

  1. Ivana Avatar

    Don’t let it get to you! Perfectionism ftw. (I know what it’s like…)

  2. Maryse Avatar

    Isn’t undoing more stressful when we have a calendar to respect? I too had to restart my socks (just one inch) and I thought I was loosing too much time… I trust that you will do well! By the way, I love the color you chose, it must be tough on the eyes, but they will look stunning!

  3. Allison Avatar

    Ack! I hate ripping back, especially something so fine. I like your optimism about attempt #2. Good luck!

  4. emy Avatar

    The thing about skinny wrists and ankles, I get.

    Good luck with round 2!

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