A Little Button Love

felt buttons

I’ve had these buttons in my stash for at least…4 or 5 years? Maybe more. They were a gift from the always amazing Denny, and as such were very special – not just any project would do.

When I started knitting my Bathurst Hat, I knew this would be the one. These buttons are 100% wool felt, and a little too soft to use for something really functional (like a cardigan). A hat is perfect for showcasing those precious buttons that deserve to be seen.

I can’t read Japanese, but the one thing I’m sure of is that they’re 100% wool! Here’s the button card for posterity.

felt buttons, front

felt buttons, back

A little white thread really makes the brown pop, and I think they go really well with the teal of the hat!

felt buttons

I love them. Thanks Denny!



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3 responses to “A Little Button Love”

  1. Sarah b. Avatar

    Oh, those are so neat!

  2. Jane Avatar

    I wondered what those were when I saw the post earlier. They are indeed, the perfect buttons, from the lovely Denny!

  3. Rhonda Avatar

    Hi Laura!
    It says the name and address of the Sunfelt company in Tokyo.
    100%Wool, dry clean
    Recycle the paper, recycle the plastic
    They look so cute

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