friday things

Finally measured my giant wool-eater against the cushion – why is this cover taking so long?! Because it’s an 18″ pillow, that’s why. Hrmph.

why's this taking so long?!

I can really only do 1 tier at a sitting now, because my wrist doesn’t love crochet.

But for some more instant gratification, I started a yellow granny square for the back of the pillow.

granny square - yellows

Ahh, that’s better! The Wool-eater has an extra wrap on each stitch (double yo) and lots of extra twists and turns, so this double crochet granny square feels a lot quicker.

Alas, I must put down the crochet and work on my deadline knitting project.

malabrigo sock

It’s a sweet lace piece for my upcoming collection, in Malabrigo sock. We’ve got a date picked for the photoshoot, a photographer, a stylist, a model and a makeup artist – exciting!

wednesday things

There’s so much I want to share with you all, but there’s lots still under wraps for the time being! I’m working hard on new patterns though.

In the meanwhile…more Wool-eater? Are you sick of this yet?

I laid out the squares I had completed, just to get a sense of how many I will need total for a full-size blanket.

crazy squares

The answer is…a lot. Maybe 3 times as many as I have? Each square is 7.25″ right now, and I’ll be adding another border round to each to tie it all together. Crazy colours, right? I also whipped up a BIG wool-eater square, out of some teal Cascade 220, for the front of a cushion cover.

medium square, big square!

It’s 12″ wide. I need to figure out how I’m going to do the rest of the cover – I’m thinking maybe just some nice grey wool in a plainer stitch for the back.

In case you missed it, the link to the pattern! Wool-eater.

I also finished up a pair of nice bright green socks – the yarn is Socks that Rock, but I appear to have misplaced the label when I tossed this ball into my sock yarn bin.

spring green socks

2.25 mm needles, 64 sts, plain and basic. What with all the projects I have on the needles that I have to think about, it’s really lovely to have a pair of plain socks on the go as well, for a break!