ready to go!

new performance gloves!

I finished my gloves with time to spare! I knit the fingers at work yesterday and wove in all the ends.

new performance gloves!

No pattern for this one, just 3 balls of black Baby Ull, some 2.25mm double points and lots of stockinette. I started with 72 sts and decreased down to 44 for the hand (at 8 sts/in) – told you I have small wrists! They’re nice and long and super comfortable too.

Instead of finishing the tops of the fingers like the top of a hat (cut a tail, pull through the live sts) I chose to graft them instead. I have another pair of knit gloves that I did the usual pull-through finish with, and they always have a bit of a hole left at the top. This way is nice and secure at the ends.

YIP: February 20

I also finally managed to find a top to wear for this performance (and probably others) – I really didn’t know where to go to buy these kinds of clothes anymore, but I ended up at Le Chateau and found just the thing (cheap too). The full effect, although I’ll be wearing a different skirt:

new performance gloves!

Nothing to do tonight? Come see me and lots of other great people perform! We are the Trampions, a Queen tribute show – Lee’s Palace at 10pm, tickets $12. See you then!

a whole lotta glove

YIP: February 16

I managed to make up for lost time and then some – I’ve got one glove totally done, and the second is almost done the thumb gusset. Hooray!

And, ahem, I maaaay have started a sweater yesterday. Maybe.

a minor setback

Crap! I was up into the thumb gusset of my first glove (and at the end of the first ball of Baby Ull) when I discovered that the wrist is too big. I have puny wrists and hands, people.

So I just had to rip back 5 inches. Of fingering weight. In a glove which was over 17 inches long so far.

At least the good news is that I have to decrease more, and more quickly? Maybe it’ll go faster this time.