Month: September 2009

  • so this rhinebeck sweater thing

    I started a new sweater with the hopes of making it for Rhinebeck but I was clearly sabotaging myself – I mean, Koigu? That’s a lot of knitting! Plus, since I’m going to Boston the week beforehand where I am unlikely to finish and block a sweater. I still love my sweater idea, and it’s […]

  • ripping and reknitting

    A new little shawl project! I had a customer the other day who was interested in finding a shawl pattern that was NOT a lace pattern. Tricky to find, it would seem! But since the days and nights are cooling off a bit, I thought a non-lace shawlette seemed like just the thing. This pretty […]

  • snippets

    I decided to knit up ysolda’s snapdragon tam while I was editing the pattern – fun! I finished it in about 24 hours, but still haven’t blocked it (which it really needs). When the cooler weather arrives I’m sure I’ll be a little more motivated! There’s a certain fibre event coming up next month, that […]