I started a new sweater with the hopes of making it for Rhinebeck but I was clearly sabotaging myself – I mean, Koigu? That’s a lot of knitting! Plus, since I’m going to Boston the week beforehand where I am unlikely to finish and block a sweater. I still love my sweater idea, and it’s likely to be my Rhinebeck * knitting *. (Plus another wrappy project that I just started last night! Startitis abounds!)

So, instead I pulled out the sweater I’d started for MDSW in May – it’s Jo Sharp silkroad DK. I remember being a long way off from finishing it before the show, but I did work on it afterward and had only a little bit and a long bind off to finish!

rhinebeck sweater?

Still needs ends woven in and a good blocking – this yarn expands so much with blocking. I haven’t quite gotten into the swing of blocking things in this new apartment though – today I had to move the sofa out a bit since it was blocking the vent and I turned on the heat. So now there’s less space to block in…hmmmm. Floor of my office?

It seems to be the year of pink – between this one and the Honeybee I’ll have to coordinate my packing around the pink sweaters! And since I seem to be on a bit of a roll, I’m going to try and finish another sweater that’s been languishing. Although with the sudden weather change, it might actually not be warm enough!

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  1. Seanna Lea

    I love yarns with heathered or tweedy character. It makes them look so much more sophisticated. This one is definitely a good example of that (I know I could find a non-sophisticated looking heathered yarn, but I’m not going to try)!

  2. TracyKM

    If you pin it out on a large piece of stryofoam, or even the foam squares, you can then put it vertical against a wall, or move it onto your bed–and off at night time. I can’t wait to see the whole sweater.


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