so this rhinebeck sweater thing

I started a new sweater with the hopes of making it for Rhinebeck but I was clearly sabotaging myself – I mean, Koigu? That’s a lot of knitting! Plus, since I’m going to Boston the week beforehand where I am unlikely to finish and block a sweater. I still love my sweater idea, and it’s likely to be my Rhinebeck * knitting *. (Plus another wrappy project that I just started last night! Startitis abounds!)

So, instead I pulled out the sweater I’d started for MDSW in May – it’s Jo Sharp silkroad DK. I remember being a long way off from finishing it before the show, but I did work on it afterward and had only a little bit and a long bind off to finish!

rhinebeck sweater?

Still needs ends woven in and a good blocking – this yarn expands so much with blocking. I haven’t quite gotten into the swing of blocking things in this new apartment though – today I had to move the sofa out a bit since it was blocking the vent and I turned on the heat. So now there’s less space to block in…hmmmm. Floor of my office?

It seems to be the year of pink – between this one and the Honeybee I’ll have to coordinate my packing around the pink sweaters! And since I seem to be on a bit of a roll, I’m going to try and finish another sweater that’s been languishing. Although with the sudden weather change, it might actually not be warm enough!



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7 responses to “so this rhinebeck sweater thing”

  1. Preeti Avatar

    Love the tweedy accents in this yarn. This sweater looks so warm and comfy, bring on the cold, Weatherman!

  2. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love yarns with heathered or tweedy character. It makes them look so much more sophisticated. This one is definitely a good example of that (I know I could find a non-sophisticated looking heathered yarn, but I’m not going to try)!

  3. Rachel Avatar

    Hey no fair! You can’t post such a pretty picture without more details :)

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  5. gleek Avatar

    i’m looking forward to seeing this one at rhinebeck.

  6. Verdande Avatar

    Wonderful tweedy yarn! I look forward to seeing the whole sweater.

  7. TracyKM Avatar

    If you pin it out on a large piece of stryofoam, or even the foam squares, you can then put it vertical against a wall, or move it onto your bed–and off at night time. I can’t wait to see the whole sweater.

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