ripping and reknitting

A new little shawl project!

new shawl

I had a customer the other day who was interested in finding a shawl pattern that was NOT a lace pattern. Tricky to find, it would seem! But since the days and nights are cooling off a bit, I thought a non-lace shawlette seemed like just the thing.

This pretty green yarn is Wullenstudio Sock Yarn that I got at Maryland Sheep&Wool, at the Cloverhill Yarn booth. What you can’t see is that it’s super, super soft, but nicely plied. The colour is great (and I have another skein in a raspberry colour too). This is a one-skein project – it uses 450 yards (maybe a few yards less).

I experienced a few setbacks with this project – I clearly wasn’t paying enough attention and ended up having to frog the daisy stitch portion a number of times! Eventually I worked it out, and knit an edging that in my mind was supposed to be a sort of bell ruffle.

late night rippage

(late night photography = incorrect colours!)

As ruffles go this wasn’t a huge one, less than double the stitches by the end – but right as I was binding off I changed my mind and ended up ripping the edging back. The ruffle was pretty, but it wasn’t exactly right.

I ended up with a sort of interrupted rib pattern that I think works great! And as I was finishing up, I realized what the patterns in the shawl remind me of – bamboo, more specifically bamboo forests like the ones I saw in Japan.

bamboo forest

This is a really easy little shawl and I hope to have the pattern up very shortly – before I leave for Rhinebeck! I’ll be hanging out in Boston for Columbus Day weekend (which is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada) and the week leading up to Boston, so I’d better get motoring…is anyone else surprised at how soon it is?!



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27 responses to “ripping and reknitting”

  1. Creative Avatar

    I will know it’s you for sure if you wear it at Rhinebeck. I can’t wait to meet you. Will you be selling the pattern?

  2. Joan Hamer Avatar
    Joan Hamer

    I love the shawl. Be sure and let us know when the pattern is available. I want that!

  3. Preeti Avatar

    Love everything about this shawlette!

  4. juniperjune Avatar

    gorgeous yarn! is this the same stitch used in the upper portion of elizabeth freeman’s laminaria shawl? if so, i vouch that it’s easier to work than it looks! i have a couple skeins of malabrigo sock yarn burning a hole in my stash basket, so i’ll keep an eye out for the pattern!

  5. michelle Avatar

    I love this shawl so much…this will be up next after the hibiscus is are turning these out faster than I can get to them!! Beautiful!

  6. kate Avatar

    I love it! Simple, but very pretty. Can’t wait for the pattern.

  7. Ana Avatar

    My god that is a lot of daisy stitch! I had to do two (short) rows of it on the yoke of a baby sweater recently and that was enough to nearly do my head in. It’s a beautiful shawl, and you’re right – very reminiscent of bamboo :)

  8. Loppis Avatar

    It’s great :) Please hurry up and get it up for sale :)

  9. fleur Avatar

    Your shawl is greta, you can also consider with interest the “textured shawl”!! :-)

  10. ysolda Avatar

    Pretty and I love the idea of a non lace shawl :)

    Suprised by how soon it is? I’m totally freaking out!

  11. Carol Avatar

    Non-lace shawls are awesome! I’m loving all the warm garter stitch shawls in Folk Shawls so it’s nice to see some beautiful updated ones. Yours looks gorgeous!

  12. Julie Avatar

    love it!! you were right about the revised shawl edging, it’s perfect!

  13. Kate Avatar

    That is so pretty! I have the perfect skein of yarn for it :) You just solved a major dilema for me.

  14. Walden Avatar

    Shawl looks great and that yarn looks like it was made specifically for that pattern.

  15. Elizabeth Avatar

    I really like the shawl! Looking forward to seeing the pattern.

  16. Marcy Avatar

    I Love the shawl, can’t wait to get the pattern.

  17. Diane Avatar

    I’m not a huge lace fan so I’m psyched to see a non-lace shawl. They are pretty rare. Your shawl looks great, I can’t wait to see the pattern up and ready.

  18. Jennifer Avatar

    It’s beautiful. I echo everyone’s hopes for a pattern soon.

  19. Jennifer Avatar

    Very nice! I really like your different edge treatment.

  20. Angela Avatar

    I am so not a shawl person, but I love this one and can’t wait for you to post a pattern! This might end up being my first shawl….

  21. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Oooh. I love how this looks (and I am a big fan of the rib treatment).

    If you need someone to hang out with in Boston on the 11th or 12th, I live nearby and should be back in town by then.

  22. Lindsey Rose Avatar

    YES! I cannot handle that Rhinebeck is like 2 weeks away!

    LOVE the shawl!

  23. jody Avatar

    Love this shawl! I’m loving the idea of non lace shawls – definitely warmer and great for fall!

  24. andi Avatar

    I was hoping to knit up a shawl that I could wear at work, this winter, where the heat is at a minimum. You have just whet that appetite! Can’t wait for the pattern!

  25. Rita Avatar

    Love this shawl! Can’t wait to get my hands on the pattern!

  26. gleek Avatar

    i just love this shawl. the edging turned out perfect.

  27. Sharon V Avatar

    I love the shawl, the bits I see anyway. Though I love the edging you ultimately went with, I really have an affinity for the ruffles.

    Anyway, you did a great job (as usual).

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