macro lace preview

The “macro lace” Malabrigo cardigan is just off the needles – the picture of efficiency today, I took some photos right away, uploaded them, and here they are!

These are just some kinda rough photos so you can see the shape. I’ll be taking proper photos to go with the pattern soon. The finished pattern probably won’t be available for a couple of weeks though!

macro lace cardi, back

Oops, it’s upside down in the photo. But this cardi-shrug thing is reversible from bottom to top, so you can wear it either way! It is dolman-sleeved, which is pretty polarizing, but I happen to be quite pleased with the shape for this particular piece. Plus, it’s super easy.

319.365 - macro lace cardi, front

It’s not really a cardigan in my book because it doesn’t close in the front (although you could make the ribbing longer so it would close). The Malabrigo makes this super comfortable, it’s sort of like wearing a blanket around your shoulders but way more stylish!

The pattern is forthcoming and will be out in July. It will probably have fewer sizes than my usual because the fit is pretty generous and would look great on a variety of body types. Don’t worry though, it’ll still have at least 5 sizes! And the sleeves will be totally adjustable to fit whatever your arm size is.

I’m a 35-36″ bust and this took 4 skeins of Malabrigo. It’s not quite seasonal considering that the weather just decided to start warming up dramatically here, but would be a great summer knit in a cotton or blend!

macro lace, back

apologies for the delay

Okay, finally the newer, corrected version of the Milkweed Shawl is up, and everyone who purchased it should have received a Ravelry message/email saying that it is available for download! Sorry for the delay and confusion, I had some technical difficulties.

Currently on my needles, nearly done:

squooshy softness

The Malabrigo lace shrug/cardi thing. It’s kind of become a larger project than I intended, but I’m still pretty pleased. I think it’ll be nice when it’s done, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it since the temperatures are supposed to take a big jump next week!

This is sorta how it’ll be worn – the sleeves are picked up from the side there to custom fit your arm, and then the excess space is sewn up.

malabrigo cardi-shrug-thing

Give me a few more hours

Oops! Something happened with my file update and the new file isn’t up yet. It will be up as soon as I can manage but that might not be until tomorrow. The chart is correct though!