apologies for the delay

Okay, finally the newer, corrected version of the Milkweed Shawl is up, and everyone who purchased it should have received a Ravelry message/email saying that it is available for download! Sorry for the delay and confusion, I had some technical difficulties.

Currently on my needles, nearly done:

squooshy softness

The Malabrigo lace shrug/cardi thing. It’s kind of become a larger project than I intended, but I’m still pretty pleased. I think it’ll be nice when it’s done, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear it since the temperatures are supposed to take a big jump next week!

This is sorta how it’ll be worn – the sleeves are picked up from the side there to custom fit your arm, and then the excess space is sewn up.

malabrigo cardi-shrug-thing



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5 responses to “apologies for the delay”

  1. Sophy Avatar

    i’m looking forward to seeing it finished. it’s a beautiful color.

  2. J. Avatar

    Oh my god, I love that magenta. I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to wear it, but I sort of want to just stare at it for a while and bask in that awesome dyeing.

  3. Seanna Lea Avatar

    That is a gorgeous color. I love Malabrigo and am always petting the laceweight when I go to the shop. It’s so wonderfully addictive!

  4. susannahbean Avatar

    oh gosh it looks pretty! i’m hoping that once you finish up you let us know that it didn’t take very much yarn, because i have a pretty little hank laying around that would be perfect for this! but… i’m not holding my breath :)

  5. Debbie Avatar

    Another great endeavor!

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