milkweed and adobe?

I hear some people are having trouble opening the Milkweed Shawl pattern with Adobe – what kind of errors are going on? I actually used Adobe suite to create the PDF, and I use Acrobat to open it without any problems.

And if anyone has any ideas on why there might be a problem, let me know that too!

Another omission was found in the written instructions in row 94 – a missing yo, CDD, yo at the beginning and end of the row. The latest version of the pattern is available on Ravelry and is called “MilkweedShawlJune26_2_.pdf”. So sorry for any confusion!

random things

My knitting is really fighting back lately! I forgot my sock project at a friend’s last week just as he was going out of town so I couldn’t work on that. I keep having to re-do the math on a compound raglan and ripping out what I’ve knit.

Then today my Honeybee cardi was fighting me too – I knit a whole hem (around the body) and found out that it didn’t really work. So that was a day’s work ripped, and I ended the day right where I started. Booo.

Hopefully I can get my knitting back on track and get some new projects on the needles too. I’m going to be traveling in July so I need knitting I can count on! My parents and sisters and I are taking a vacation to Hawaii!

We’ll be staying in Waikiki, and on Kauai and the big island. I don’t intend to spend all my time with them, so I’d like to do some exploring on my own too. Does anyone have recommendations for things to do, places to see, eat, or shop? I love unique sorta boutique-y shops for clothes (I’m especially fond of dresses and skirts from local designers) but I’m having a hard time coming up with particular places.

And so this isn’t a photoless post, how about some eye candy?

a HUGE skein of laceweight

Megan brought me back this gorgeous, huge skein of laceweight from Squam – it’s merino from the Woolen Rabbit. Beautiful!

honeybee lace cardigan

Is it obvious that I love cardigans with all my heart? I don’t remember the last time I wore a pullover!

I started this lace project quite a while back, but had a bunch of screwups that resulted in several ripping sessions. Now I definitely, definitely know how to knit this pattern though!

honeybee lace

This is the Honeybee lace pattern in Socks that Rock Mediumweight “Rose Quartz” (I think I posted a photo of the swatch awhile back). Took longer than necessary with all the ripping, but this has now become this:

honeybee lace

I didn’t know how far my yarn would go (I have 3 skeins) so I cast on provisionally for the body, knit up to the underarm, cast on provisionally for the sleeves as well and knit a seamless set-in sleeve for the upper body. I love it! The yarn amount situation is looking good, too.

Now I’m going to knit the sleeves down a bit, then decide what to do with the body. The idea was to just have the lace from the waist up, but now I’m wishing I’d done the whole thing in honeybee! I love this pattern. But I think what I’ll do is keep it as sort of a cropped shape, with a wide stockinette hem at the bottom. Still needs button bands and a neckband too.

kinda wish I'd done the whole thing in Honeybee

The pattern for this one will eventually be released as well, but it’s going to be pretty complex to work out because of the patterning and the set-in sleeve! My math could probably use the challenge though.