a return to the needles

Thanks for all the sweet concerned comments! Luckily I didn’t have too bad a reaction, took some Advil and the swelling went down overnight. Today was a rainy day, I stayed in and worked on various things, including the switch/reorganization/weeding out of winter to summer clothes, and did my taxes. Sadly I’m not getting anything, but neither do I owe. So it could be worse! (I am getting the GST credit, though – and that’s over $300!)

The other day I had the crazy idea that I could knit something new for Maryland, and I’m trucking along:

new mdsw project?

Jo Sharp Silkroad DK tweed – makes a really lovely fabric and is nice and light! I just might need a little something in the morning and evening, the way the forecast is looking.

As for the new wheel, no photos yet – I had a bit of an allergy attack to it due to it coming from a cat home (I never thought I was all that sensitive before, but it might be getting worse) and it’s in a bit of quarantine after a wipe-down. Any ideas for de-allergen-ing a wheel?

my finger hurts now.

So I headed down to the basement to work out – I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred DVD. As far as the workout goes, it’s great! I’ve done nearly all of levels 1 and 2. You’re supposed to do 10 days of each level (there are three levels). I’m definitely feeling stronger, and there’s a bit of a visual difference as well, although I haven’t really lost any weight or anything. Today was going to be day 10 of level 2!

I picked up my shoes to put them on…and felt something sharp. I thought it was just something sharp in my shoe (I still had to put my orthotics in them) but then the pain increased! I dropped my shoes and saw…a wasp.

I got stung in the finger, an important knitting finger (left pinky; I knit continental) by a wasp hiding in my shoe in my own house.

And now I can’t work out (need hands for pushups and holding weights!) or knit.

This sucks. It also hurts!


Saturday was the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitters Frolic – an annual event that always has me clutching my wallet! This year I drove down (which is an accomplishment if you know me! I hardly ever drive) and worked with megan at our lettuce knit booth.

lettuce knit booth

We actually had a double-booth space because the people next to us cancelled. We had a great time! We had lots of Dream in Color Classy on display along with a great February Lady that Kate knit for us.

DIC classy

We also had lots of Socks that Rock, Malabrigo (and my Ruffles pattern), Dream in Color Smooshy, and the hit of the day – these awesome baskets from Reisenthal!

cute baskets and smooshy

Once a couple people bought them, they told us that everyone was asking where they came from! We ended up selling out completely – awesome. I didn’t even get one; I’ll have to wait for the next shipment.

Part of what’s so fun about the Frolic for me is seeing so many people I know all in one place! It was super busy first thing in the morning – I guess everyone wanted to get there bright and early. For atmosphere, the view in one direction from our booth. If you’ve never been, this is just one small area – there’s quite a few vendors.


Of course, I did get a bit of a chance to shop once it quieted down a bit. I’m saving my fibre-buying for MDSW (which is next weekend! how did that happen so fast?) but I had a bit of a falling down at the Tanis Fiber Arts booth. I bought a sweater’s worth of the aran weight in “midnight”.

More Tanis

I also picked up a couple skeins of DK weight in “plum” and “sand”.

Tanis Fiber Arts

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

A copy of “Hands-On Rigid Heddle Weaving” and a couple balls of Taiyo rounded things out. Okay, so these push the giant granny square slightly out of stashbusting territory, but in my defense, the Purple Purl had these on special! Should be enough for a couple more rounds of the granny square.

more taiyo

Very last thing was a couple of bobbins – Majacraft bobbins.

majacraft bobbins

…I may have ended up with a new (to me) Majacraft wheel this weekend!