more and bigger

I’m extremely busy this week but I thought I’d pop by with some more photos of my giant granny square!

honkin' granny square

This is all five balls of yarn that I had, and it’s about 42 inches square.

granny square!

I still need to find something to crochet a row of border, and to do that whole fabric-backing thing. I love it though! Just in case anyone missed it, I used the Purl Bee granny square tutorial.

Knitting? Yeppers, although just now I’m feeling a little stuck in terms of actually getting started on projects. I’ve got lots of ideas, I just need the time to sit down and work them out so I can get knitting!

an attempt

This is some Koigu that I really love – but this attempt got ripped. Working on something shawl-y.

Spinning down the stash is going…okay. I’ve been working on some merino/silk – it’s probably Ashland Bay, and I got it at Rhinebeck last year.

pretty purple

I’m almost done the second half, so then I can ply and be done with it! But I’m spinning it a touch finer, so of course it’s taking longer. Next bit I pull out of the fibre stash is getting the fast and furious treatment!

and it was going so well

So there I was, cruising along on the last round of my giant granny square. That’s right, I’ve crocheted up five 100g balls of Taiyo right quick! I was trying to outrun the yarn on the last, rather long go around – the blanket’s going to be about 40″ square – and then when I go to turn the last corner?

I neglected to go a proper corner on the previous round. Had to rip back two rounds.


On the plus side, I do think there’ll be enough yarn. And I’m getting the urge to knit something to back it with, rather than using fabric – maybe just mitred stockinette or diagonal garter stitch, but I don’t know. It might be nice to back it with fabric, and I do have some really nice organic cotton jersey.

Oh, the possibilities.

(If I ever get to finish this thing.)

cosmicpluto knits wholesale patterns!

I’m finally ready to take the leap with wholesale patterns! I’ve spent the last couple days formatting and formatting and formatting.

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